Using a Loreal Hair Color Chart

It is best to utilize a Loreal hair color chart to select an ideal shade for your skin tone and avoid making mistakes when selecting hair color. This will assist in finding a shade suitable to you.

Box dye labels often display two numbers and letters identifying an underlying tone, with one or both representing warmth or coolness. Sometimes, there is also an additional symbol, such as a depth number or something else, to complete the description.


Ammonia-based hair color options may leave your scalp and strands feeling dry, itchy, and flaky; however, non-ammonia alternatives offer similar results without causing adverse side effects. Ammonia-free hair colors tend to be gentler on hair without producing the strong scent found in traditional dyes, making the coloring process much more comfortable for clients with sensitive scalps. Numerous hair color companies now offer ammonia-free formulas that work just as effectively. Look out for products labeled “Ammonia-Free,” or consult your stylist about these products to determine what shade will work best on your locks. Clairol Natural Instincts is an excellent drugstore choice that does not contain ammonia, peroxide, resorcinol, PPD, or parabens while still containing moisturizing ingredients that help condition strands while adding shine.


Some hair dyes marketed as non-ammonia contain harmful chemicals. One such ingredient, PPD (p-Phenylenediamine), has been linked with bladder cancer, lung and kidney issues, and severe allergic reactions; additional toxic ingredients include Resorcinol, Phthalates, and Parabens, all used to penetrate hair follicles more deeply with color. Ammonia acts as an alkaline agent to lift away the protective cuticle on your hair, allowing the permanent dye to penetrate it more deeply and quickly penetrate your follicles. However, its irritant solid effects make it uncomfortable to be around – not to mention its unpleasant odor! Ammonia-free products often utilize monoethanolamine (MEA), an alternative alkaline agent that does not smell as strongly and is less irritating to use, though its performance does not match that of ammonia; moreover, MEA may cause dryness and itching on the scalp compared to ammonia products; therefore it is wiser to opt for these types of products rather than risk damaging or itching your hair by following instructions carefully and performing strand tests before proceeding with coloring your locks.

Intense conditioning

If you plan on using hair color products, consult the Loreal hair dye chart to find which shade best matches your complexion and hair type. Color charts help ensure you choose an effective product without making any unintended mistakes – these charts can usually be found on the back of hair coloring products. Loreal hair color shades for Indian skin tones that excel are Praline Brown and its variations, such as Natural Brown. Both shades work equally well on warm and cool tones alike and feature ammonia-free formulas with shimmery tones for natural-looking shine and shimmer, plus include conditioning color creme to protect both scalps and strands. Loreal Intense Conditioning Color Chart for professional hair stylists can be found on the back of its product and displays how different colors should be combined to achieve desired effects. Furthermore, this chart can help professional stylists understand which combinations work well together and which colors complement one another.


A hair dye box’s color chart is designed to make selecting the ideal shade easier. Usually featuring numbers and letters representing pigments underlying these shades (for more information regarding stains, consult an online color wheel); blue mixed with red produces violet while yellow and orange mix to have brown – professionals make daily use of these shades, so learning them thoroughly will help prevent any embarrassing mistakes when coloring hair! Color charts can also help you choose the appropriate shade for your skin tone, such as natural brown shades from Loreal that work well for cool and warm complexions, helping cover gray hairs effectively. Those with deep skin tones might try Loreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color in Ultimate Black instead.