Layered Long Hairstyles For Women

Long hair that’s all one length can look flat, while layers add depth and dimension. Have your stylist feather long strands around cheek level to create stunning curtain bangs that frame your face beautifully.

V cut

Add dimension for soft and loose coils that tend to go limp by creating long layers that fall just above the ear. Stacking these layers around your face will frame it perfectly while giving an elegant and romantic feminine appearance. Add caramel balayage highlights for the final touch!

Coarse and curly hair

Coarse and curly hair is ideal for layering, yet it can quickly achieve an unruly and unruly appearance with layering alone. To avoid this look, your stylist should spend extra time blending in longer U-shaped layers into curly locks.

Side bangs

If your locks resemble Joan Smalls’ long and lazy waves, opt for significantly staggered feathered layers to define the waves and bring movement and depth to each strand while helping remove excess bulk in your crown area. This will create a beachy yet laid-back style that looks gorgeous, whether worn in a ponytail or down with bangs.

Women whose long locks don’t reach a specific point

Women whose long locks don’t reach a specific point due to genetics or brittleness may find that adding layers is the answer to creating the desired style. Layers provide a fresh look with minimal length loss and can even be pulled back into an elegant topknot on weekends for added versatility.


Balayage highlights are ideal for long, layered hair as they produce natural-looking highlights that are simple to maintain. This technique involves hand-painting the hair with dye to create a sun-kissed effect; touch-ups should only need to occur occasionally.

Volumizing root-lifter

Long layered haircuts can be one of the most flattering looks around, yet finding an appropriate style may prove daunting. To narrow down the options and find one you like quickly and painlessly.