How to Style Mid-Length Men’s Hair

Men with medium-length hair have many more styling options when styling their locks. To maximize these opportunities, regular trims and quality products should be used to maintain it regularly.

A side-swept comb over is an effortless way to keep hair out of your face while looking neat and tidy. Pair it with either a low or high fade for an eye-catching style!


Pompadour hairstyles make an impressionful statement, and can be softened down with fades for less conspicuousness. Round faces significantly benefit from their volume, which adds height while decreasing width; triangle-faced women may wear pomps without high fades as this would narrow their head space too much.

Choose a premium pomade with strong holding power to keep this striking style at its best. Additionally, consider getting regular haircuts to ensure it remains at its peak condition – thick hair pairs perfectly with this style as its texture provides a unique finish and stands out in any crowd! It is sure to draw all eyes.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk is an attractive and contemporary style perfect for men looking to add style and personality to their looks. This style works best when dark and thick haird pairs perfectly with a hard line fade.

Start this style off right by getting a fade on the sides and back of your head – whether traditional or more edgy, like a burst fade. Next, add length to the top for a faux hawk style using pomade or salt spray to define texture for definition and texture – creating an eye-catching, sharp style perfect for any occasion, incredibly flattering on oblong and triangular faces.


Dreadlocks are an eye-catching hairstyle that will set you apart from the crowd, yet can be challenging to maintain. Dreadlocks need daily washing and conditioning to remain tangle-free; clarifying shampoo should also be used once every 1-2 weeks to remove buildup.

Locks have long been associated with spirituality and freedom; mummies discovered in Peru had locks adorning them; Aztec priests also donned locks as part of their attire. Later, they came to symbolize the Rastafari movement, which combined Christian roots with Hindu influences such as marijuana use.

Dreadlocks can be styled in various ways. The key is to stagger them so your scalp does not look exposed, keeping dreadlocks free of tangles for extended periods.

Bro Flow

The Bro Flow hairstyle is ideal for men looking to project confidence while maintaining a laid-back, calm, and casual style. Its versatility extends well beyond natural waves; those who possess naturally curly locks may wish to add it into the mix as it showcases them to full advantage. Plus, with quality pomades at their disposal, it can easily be managed and maintained.

Although most people consider the Bro Flow hairstyle appropriate only for young men, mature ones can also wear this hairstyle. When worn with a beard, it can give a sage-like appearance. Furthermore, this look works for casual gatherings and semi-formal meetings; to maintain its clean-cut appearance regularly, it requires shampooing and conditioning of strands to maintain an appealing style.


Adding fringe to mid-length hair can draw focus to your eyes while helping balance out facial proportions. While this style requires additional maintenance to keep hair out of your face, it creates an eye-catching and stylish look that may help conceal thin spots on your scalp.

This collarbone-grazing hairstyle makes your locks appear full and healthy and is perfect for men with naturally wavy or curly locks. For this style, use a medium-hold hairspray like Bumble and Bumble’s Spray de Mode Flexible Hold Hairspray ($32) to achieve maximum volume from your haircut. Use a blow dryer in the desired direction to avoid stringy bangs.