Mid Length Men’s Hair Styles

Men with medium-length hair enjoy the best of both worlds: their locks can be styled into sleek, swept-back styles while remaining short enough to avoid that classic hippie vibe. Here are our favorite mid-length men’s hair styles.

Low Fades

Low fades create a modern disconnect on top and pair well with pompadour or complex part styles. Additionally, skin fades can reduce intricate hairlines for more excellent styling options.


The pompadour style is timeless and works well with any hair type and face shape. From men with long top-knotted locks and shorter sides to those who naturally have curlier or waves in their locks. The modern pompadour features a simple high fade and side part for an effortlessly chic style with minimal upkeep required.

Loose Quiff

The quiff is a popular style among men with medium-length hair. It boasts short sides and back while featuring a longer top coat. Its easy-wear style suits a wide range of face shapes and personality types.

Slick Back

Slick-back styles are an elegant and classic hair trend that has revived over the past several years. This look features a shorter back and sides with longer hair on top and can be styled for both formal and casual events.

Loose Curls

Ideal for those with naturally wavy locks, loose curls are a popular curly hairstyle. Add an eye-catching pop of color with pastel purple dyed strands to turn heads.

Side Parting

The side parting is a relaxed look centered around texture and volume. It works best on thick hair, especially with fade or taper haircuts. Modernize this look by styling it with either a low-profile pompadour or a slick back with tie-back sides for an undercut/disconnect style.