Gorgeous Long hair – 5 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Gorgeous Long hair

Long locks require more maintenance than just an occasional trim, but the reward makes the extra work worthwhile! Check out some beautiful styles for long hair.

Finger Waves

In the style of the 1950s, finger waves look stunning on long hair. You can opt for loose, undulating waves or tighten them for sleeker locks.

Tousled Layers

Long shag with layers is an exquisite hairstyle for women seeking texture and volume in their styles. Boasting short to medium layers that frame the face, this style can be worn up in an updo or left loose for a more natural look.

Layered Voluminous Haircut

Long layered haircuts look luxurious when given a texturized finish. If you have thick hair, try focusing your layers around your jawline and cutting them inverted for extra volume. This accentuates its strength and makes you more attractive and sensual.

Contoured Cut with Layers and Curtain Bangs

Layers with curtain bangs add dimension and dimension without the need for significant cutbacks. This style typically starts shorter on your forehead before gradually lengthening towards the sides. It is stunning on any hair texture or length, from wavy to curly or straight.

Red Layered Haircut

Long red hair with a textured finish looks absolutely breathtaking. Consider adding red highlights with this style for maximum impact if your natural hue is dark. This layered haircut features a face-framing fringe suitable for all face shapes and styles.

Copper Autumn Layered Haircut

Copper shades look beautiful with long hair. This beautiful copper color features dark auburn and ginger roots, which fade to strawberry blonde as it fades towards the ends, giving an effortlessly natural appearance. This hue works best on fair-skinned girls with bright blue or green eyes.

Raspberry Layered Haircut

Add rosy red highlights to your light brown bob for added fashionista style and volume, even with thin strands. Your locks will look thicker with this addition! If you have olive-tone skin, this layered haircut could be needed to bring out its best features. The purple highlights make you stand out in a crowd while complementing your vibrant personality perfectly.

Soft Wispy Layers

If you have grown your hair to a longer length and want to add texture, long wispy layers may be just what adds volume and definition. They look incredibly stunning when coupled with wavy or curly locks. This girl used a copper autumn shade as she colored her locks before styling them with long wispy layers that framed the face beautifully. This look would suit women of any age!