Good Hairstyles For Men

Men seeking a more stylish appearance often opt for side parts. It can be worn with either pompadours or undercuts and easily styled using pomade, clay, or gel products. This cut is ideal for men who grow their locks longer, as its short sides and medium-length tops make a compelling combination.

The Ivy League

Men with straight hair who desire a classic and uncluttered look should consider the Ivy League haircut, perfect for solid cheekbones and strong jawlines. As a variation on the crew cut, this Ivy League hairstyle leaves enough top hair to be parted or combed over. In many countries, this was the officially mandated haircut for new military recruits being inducted. Another popular Ivy League haircut is the bald fade. Ideal for gentlemen looking to grow their locks longer, this cut features low fades on both the back and sides blended seamlessly with medium to long locks on top – easily styled using light to medium hold hair pomade.

The Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyles were traditionally associated with women; however, during the 1950s, this trend started catching on among male icons like Elvis Presley and Little Richard, who donned this elevated style and demonstrated its appeal as not just limited to female wearers. Today, a pompadour hairstyle can make a striking statement about who you are while remaining subtle and elegant. However, its eccentricity may make it too inappropriate for conservative professional environments; some men may opt for less eye-catching styles such as Side Part or Comb Over styles instead. Round face shapes can significantly benefit from a Pompadour, with its height-boosting volume providing height while narrowing width. Triangle-shaped faces should avoid high Pompadours in favor of Medium or Low Fades to reduce the risks of limiting their heads too much.

The Undercut

Men’s undercut fade haircuts have experienced considerable popularity over the last decade. This style allows for more excellent styling options than traditional short haircuts and works exceptionally well on those with thick or wavy locks or those who wish to keep their locks longer than average. This style features a low to mid fade on both the sides and back of the head with a natural-looking, long top that could either be worn loosely or slicked back for maximum impact. Perfect for men looking to showcase their classic style and impeccable taste! The only drawback of this style is that it may come off as trendy, and not everyone may be comfortable with so much attention being drawn to their appearance. Ultimately, however, it comes down to personal choice and self-assurance!

The Side Part

Few hairstyles can claim to be timeless, classic, and contemporary all at the same time – but the Side Part certainly can. Easy to maintain, this style needs regular trimming to stay looking neat. To complete the look, a high skin or low shadow fade can be added for an elegant finish. This contrasts short sides and a longer top, creating a classic yet refined appearance. This haircut works particularly well on men with square, diamond, and oval faces; however, it will also flatter oblong faces when styled correctly; tight styles that reveal ears should be avoided. A side part will work equally well on anyone with straight or slightly wavy locks; although more effort will be needed in styling it correctly, its results make up for it!

The Fade

The fade is an excellent solution for men with long hair who want more styling options. It lets you keep longer locks on top while allowing you to shape it with pompadour or quiff styling options. Furthermore, the fade looks great with any side part and works well across different face shapes. Fades require regular haircuts to achieve an expertly blended finish and are thus high maintenance. Higher fades expose more of your scalp and require periodic touch-ups compared to lower fades; this is particularly applicable when styling with complex or disconnected cuts.