The Importance of Good Facial Hair

Whether you aim to ace the boardroom or make an impression in the field, having facial hair is an impression first step. You are selecting a beard or mustache style that matches your facial structure and skin type.


Facial hair can clog the pores of your skin, trapping sweat and sebum that cannot escape, leading to infections and diseases in the process. Therefore, regular shaves of facial hair are recommended as part of a healthy and hygienic regime. Clean-shaven looks are timeless classics and require little upkeep – making this style an easy decision for all men. To achieve the perfect clean-shaven look, trim any long hair with a trimmer. Next, wet your face and apply some shaving gel or foam. Shave in the direction your facial hair grows before switching up directions to catch any missed spots, and use no-alcohol aftershave to moisturize your face after every pass. A man sporting this look looks mature, stylish, and confident – women find them attractive, too, provided their facial hair is maintained appropriately.


Stubble can give your face an earthy and masculine look that exudes confidence. Unfortunately, its maintenance requires frequent grooming and shaving – though it could even look messy if not grown correctly! To achieve optimal results with facial hair styles like stubble, aim for medium-length stubble of around 3mm length. A beard trimmer should also be utilized to maintain even face hair growth while trimming it to an acceptable length. A stubble beard can be an ideal choice for people with oval, diamond, oblong, and square facial structures; for those with heart-shaped or round faces, opting for a full beard may be better. Additionally, to achieve its best effects, this facial hair style requires a well-defined chin hairline; beard oil softens the scruff while improving its look further.

Full Beard

Full facial hair requires the most time and patience when styling it correctly, but once accomplished, it’s an eye-catching statement that demands respect. Darwin believed it helped men compete for mates; studies have also found that women perceive bearded men as more masculine. Natural full beards can complement Diamond and Triangle facial structures excellent when maintained with tidy growth that exhibits a rounded finish without prominent sculpting or styling. To avoid an unruly appearance, it is necessary to trim the neckline and chin areas regularly. Genetics and ethnicity are integral to your facial hair; however, maintaining an effective skincare routine can help minimize issues like itchy skin, dandruff, ingrown hairs, and acne. The key is regularly grooming using tools such as Gillette’s SkinGuard Sensitive Power Razor or ProShield Power Razor to keep it looking its best and purchasing premium beard care products to encourage healthy-looking skin.


Faded facial hair is one of the hallmarks of male style. With it, your face may appear patchy and tidy; achieving an attractive faded beard look takes precision and practice. A barber may provide this service; alternatively, you could do it at home using a beard trimmer. To create a fade, start at the lowest beard trimmer guard setting, gradually working your way down until your beard blends seamlessly with your skin. As you switch settings, a fade should emerge. The taper fade is the ideal style for beards, as it shaves the sides of your head and neck while leaving some hair around your ears and cheeks to grow naturally. This type of fade allows you to maintain long facial hair while maintaining an attractive and professional appearance.