A Braid Pattern For Crochet Hair

Crochet braids can be integrated into various hairstyles for an exciting and unique look. At Indigo hair Innovations, salon owner Tasheba Taylor mixed her client’s crochet style into an angled bob for an eye-catching and trendy style. Once your hair has been cornrowed for the crochet installation, your stylist will use a needle resembling one used for crochet fabric to weave your crochet design into your cornrows – this process typically takes four to eight weeks.

Straight Back Cornrows

Straight-back cornrows have an undeniably chic aesthetic, perfect for showing off natural hair textures or trying out bold makeup looks. Pair this style with bright lips and eye-catching headpieces to complete your look. Beginners looking to explore crochet braids should begin with this effortless style. Mix your hair down the center with a rat-tail comb, then divide each side section into 1-3 rows using the rat-tail comb for even hair distribution and reduced chance of tangled strands. Make your hairline more manageable and add edge control products for a polished look by applying thickening gel along your hairline and smoothing flyaways using thickening gel. Alternatively, have your stylist add edge control products between each row for an organized finish. That way, your style stays fresh and clean throughout the day!

Beehive Crochet Braids

Crochet braids can add volume and length to natural hair. Specifically beneficial for those with thin or delicate locks as they provide fuller looks than traditional braids. There are various crochet styles to explore. A popular one is a beehive, which can be worn with either a center part or on either side to achieve different stunning looks. You could even pair it with curls for romantic and playful charm! Another excellent choice is the zig zag pattern. Similar to beehive-styled hairdos, but more versatile as it can be styled a variety of ways – for instance, Beautycanbraid shows how she created one out of Marley’s hair that could then be styled into either a ponytail or half up half down look. Care for crochet braids requires regular moisturization to avoid drying them out or tangling easily. Just be wary not to overdo it, as excessive moisture may cause your braids to twist more quickly.

Zig Zag Crochet Braids

When looking for something less traditional in terms of braid patterns, consider trying this zig-zag crochet braid pattern. Though more complex than its flat braid counterpart to install, as each strand needs its color partner (just as with flat braiding), the result creates an outstanding style that looks as though you have multiple strands of your own hair mixed in with the crochet, creating a 3D effect that adds dimension. Add an exciting twist to your crochet braids by incorporating fringe. Depending on styling, this bohemian look can be as casual or formal as desiredling. Kiitanaxo showcases her version with corkscrew texture and bold colors – a look inspired by Kiitanaxo herself! Long crochet twists offer a refined style ideal for work or happy hour when side-swept and pulled back for a polished appearance. Their versatility extends even further when tied back into a half-up bun or an elegant knot for added sophistication.

Vixen Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are an adorable and fashionable protective hairstyle, suitable for many hair textures. From full-bodied curls to long bobs and everything in between, crochet braids make an attractive hair accessory appropriate for every event and situation. As with all protective styles, crochet braids require regular care and maintenance toto stay in optimal condition and free from tangles and knots. For optimal results, it is advisable to regularly wash your braids while moisturizing daily to keep the style intact and free of tangles. Consider the Vixen crochet hair braids style if you’re searching for chic crochet braid patterns. Crafted with human-grade Kanekalon hair and coming in six packs suitable for full head coverage, these stylish braids have natural-looking yet tangle-free finishes with free crochet hooks included in every package! Use these exquisite braiding patterns to craft adorable crochet hairstyles! Crochet braids offer an easy way to add length and volume without sew-in weaves; just be sure to protect your locks with a scarf at night and edge control gel to preserve its look over time.