Achieve Golden Highlights on Dark hair With Blue Anime Model


Achieving golden highlights on dark  is easy, especially if you’re a beginner. Just select a color that complements your complexion. For the best results, try coloring curls individually. To achieve a golden highlight, you’ll need to bleach that, but the results are worth it! Here are some tips to create a stunning, sultry look. Using a balayage technique, you can choose shades that are complementary to your skin tone.

Golden Highlights on Dark hair

For a more subtle look, apply light yellow or ashy highlights to that. This shade will be more complementary to a person with a warm complexion. Golden highlights are best placed on the sides of the head to frame the face. A woman with black hair may want to experiment with light beige or honey brown highlights. To achieve a natural look, the base must be black, and highlights should be soft and neutral.

Achieve Golden Highlights on Dark hair With a Men hair Cut Design


Achieving golden highlights on black  is a stunning style that is perfect for brightening up a dark base. This color is not as striking as blonde or red hair, but it will look stunning on auburn and brown hair. A professional stylist will know how to blend a mixture of several shades for a gorgeous finish. A professional coloring service can create a natural-looking balayage color that will last a long time.