Levels of Blonde Hair Color


Levels of blonde hair color can be confusing, especially when trying to communicate your desired shade to your stylist. This guide will help you understand the differences between levels and achieve your desired look without damaging your hair.

Level 10 – White Blonde or Platinum

Level 10 blonde, also known as white or platinum, is the lightest hue achievable without damaging or frizzing out your hair. It requires professional bleaching to reach this level gradually, as improper handling of bleach can cause damage. It is recommended to have this process performed by a trained stylist for minimal risk to hair health.

Level 10 Pale Blonde

Level 10 pale blonde represents light silver shades and the lightest pastel tones. It is the ideal base color for applying any semi-permanent pastel or golden hue. This shade appears white with no yellow tones and is the maximum blonde shade without causing damage.

Level 6 Blonde

Level 6 blonde can maintain its original tone due to golden primary and ash secondary reflection. This color is often considered easy-going and wearable.

Level 9 Blonde

Level 9 blonde is a medium blonde shade that can contain yellow tones. It can be achieved through bleaching or permanent dye and lightener products. Multiple sessions may be required to reach this shade.

Neutralizing Yellow Tones

To neutralize yellow tones in level 9 blonde, corrective purple tone products or neutralizing agents can be used. It is recommended to only lighten or darken by a maximum of four levels in one treatment.

Understanding hair Color Levels

Understanding your hair color level will help you select the ideal shades of blonde without overprocessing or lifting your hair. Assess your hair color in natural light or consult a licensed professional for assistance. Always err on the lighter side to allow for easier lighting rather than having to correct mistakes later.


By understanding the different levels of blonde hair color, you can achieve your desired shade without damaging your hair. Enjoy your coloring journey!