Trendy Hairstyles For Girls With Curly Short Hair

Curly Short Hair with Flair

Curly-haired girls can embrace their natural texture while adding flair with trendy hues like this ashy blonde. A face-framing pixie with deep side parting and long bangs creates an adorable feminine look.

Maintaining Healthy Curls

Maintaining healthy curls requires moisture-rich products that keep strands frizz-free, such as texturizing spray and scrunch for frizz-free strands. A texturizing spray and scrunch will add texture and create an unforced style with your bob.

Pixie Haircut

Curly pixie cuts are beautiful, feminine, and easy to style. This short, wispy bob features longer curls in the front with a sleeker silhouette for everyday wear, formal events, and special occasions. Finger-comb through your strands for texture while maintaining neatness!

Bubble Gum Pink Pixie Cut

Bring out your cute and sweet side with this pretty bubble gum pink pixie cut for a charming and feminine look. The darker hue adds drama while still feminine; pair it with some eye-catching makeup and a girly headband for the full effect!

Ringlets for a Playful Look

Ringlets are another versatile style option for short, curly hair. Pull them back tightly, or let them frame your face for a playful, feminine effect.

Tousled Beach Wave

Beach waves are one of the summer’s trendiest looks and can work for every hair length. To achieve beach waves on long and straight locks, use a texturizing spray to create loose coils, then finger comb or run a blow dryer over each section for a casual or bouncier finish.

TikTok-Viral Hair Hack for Beachy Waves

A TikTok-viral hair hack works great for every length, especially short curly locks. Wrap damp strands around the sash of your bathrobe before bedtime to achieve beachy waves reminiscent of beachy waves from beaches across America. Use a heat protectant to control frizz and extend curl life for added results! The vlogger also incorporated this hack in her video as she uses heat protectant to extend curl life even more.

Pixie with Bangs

Girls with curly hair who want to showcase their features while sporting a pixie haircut should consider adding long side bangs as part of the style. This will accentuate your forehead, offset any narrow chin features, and pair beautifully with retro-tortoiseshell glasses.

Corkscrew Curls for a Feminine Look

For an elegant, feminine look, small corkscrew curls may benefit from styling into small corkscrew curls for a pixie cut brushed back for a feminine style. A little hair mousse and some hairspray will complete this short haircut perfectly!

Pixie with Ringlets

Add volume and lengthen your face by styling a pixie with bangs by adding ringlets. This look will elongate your features while making your eyes pop with its volume-enhancing effects.

Wavy Bob for Volume and Texture

Wavy bob haircuts for curly hair are an ideal way to add volume and texture to the locks of both girls and women, providing more importance than other cuts. This style can be worn as casual attire and formal events; its appeal spans all age groups.

Styling Tips for a Wavy Bob

Spread a styling mousse through your hair and allow it to air-dry naturally, or use a blow dryer to speed up the process and produce more structured curls. This adorable, feminine, and eye-catching wavy bob will catch everyone’s eye! Its strawberry blonde hue is perfect for most face shapes and highlights your natural beauty.

Bob with Highlights

Beautiful, feminine, and eye-catching: this short curly bob with side bang is the ideal look to show off one’s individuality and feminine side. To increase its sophistication further, ask your stylist to add blonde highlights to its dark base color.

Springy Style with Blonde Highlights

Add springy bounce to your bob with pastel blonde highlights for an eye-catching, flexible style that works best with medium to dark hair and perfectly complements your skin tone. This style works exceptionally well when worn asymmetrically.

Show off Your Daring Side

Opt for a dark blue bob with blonde highlights if you want to show off your daring side. The vibrant hue and volume-packed shape will undoubtedly set you apart!

Side Undercut for a Bold Look

Side undercuts offer an eye-catching edge for women looking to make an impression with their curly locks, adding boldness and fierceness. A variation on the classic undercut, this cut leaves several inches of length at the crown, which can be styled asymmetrically – adding flair and intensity!

Softening the Disconnected Undercut

While a disconnected undercut can appear bold for some, it can also be softened with layers on the nape and face. Either way, this cute feminine style shows off your girly side; wear it untidily on a stroll with friends or style it back for special events.