Places For Haircuts in New York City

Haircuts are essential to maintaining an appealing daily look, yet they can often be costly. Luckily, numerous places in New York City offer quality cuts at reasonable rates.

Made Man Barbershop

Made Man Barbershop is a full-service salon specializing in hairstyling and straight razor shaves in an old-fashioned setting. They also sell men’s grooming products such as pomade, aftershave, and shave soap. Customers can purchase these items either online or in-store. They are open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 8 PM. Appointments can be booked using either credit card payment online or at their storefront location.

Sam Chulpayev at The Man Barbershop

Sam Chulpayev has been cutting hair professionally for over two decades and was one of the first barbers in New York to open their barbershop. He has gained a loyal clientele and now stands as one of the top-rated barbers in the region. He provides haircuts, beard trims, skin conditioning shaves, and other beauty services specifically tailored for men of all ages.

The Man Barbershop in Ford, New Jersey

The Man Barbershop in Fords, New Jersey, is an upscale barbershop known for its retro-style salon. It draws inspiration from traditional 20s fashion styles and today’s trends. They offer a wide array of grooming services for all age ranges of male customers, creating a relaxing atmosphere with soothing music mixed with old-time sounds.

Isaac’s Passion at The Man Barbershop

Isaac is an experienced barber who specializes in flat tops. He profoundly loves vintage music and culture, which inspired him to choose barbering as a career. Isaac is passionate about his craft and making clients feel good about their appearance. He is skilled in various barbering techniques and stays up to date with current trends in hair design.

John Allan’s

John Allan’s is a high-end men’s grooming club that offers an unforgettable experience for men. The founder, John Allan, is a pioneer in the industry with over 25 years of experience in grooming products. Their staff, known as “hair ninjas,” are experienced stylists handpicked by John Allan himself. They provide various grooming services, including scalp massaging shampoo, hot towel treatment, haircut and manicure, shoe shine, and beverages.

Lilypad Beauty Lounge

Lilypad Beauty Lounge is an affordable throwback barbershop in New York City. A haircut at this salon costs just $14. They also offer various cuts and blowouts at Ace of Cuts in Alphabet City. The staff at Lilypad Beauty Lounge are hair enthusiasts who prioritize hair care. The salon has two cutting stations and one shampoo station, so it’s recommended to call ahead for an appointment. They adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines and ensure thorough sanitization of tools between uses. Opening hours extend until 8 PM each day.