Funny hairlines and LeBron James

One of the many jokes about receding hairlines is a joke about Lebron James. People love to make these jokes and even leBron himself was the subject of many receding hairline memes. The best joke, however, was made about the greatest comeback in basketball history. Here are some fun hairline jokes. Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, there’s a joke for you!

Charles Barkley jokes about James’ receding hairline


When Charles Barkley poked fun of the Los Angeles Lakers’ icon LeBron James’ receding hairline, he was being completely honest. The former basketball player was wearing a hairband that James famously wore to hide his receding hairline, but the TNT crew made him wear it himself. Barkley even moved the front part of his hair to the middle of his head, which made the whole thing even funnier.


Charles Barkley is not the first NBA player to call LeBron James’ receding hairline a joke. He also called out Dwyane Wade last year and did so on his Saturday Night Live show. James has long been a social activist and a good role model, so it is great to see him being called out for his public statements. While Ingraham’s comments were not deemed acceptable, many fans rallied behind the young star and roasted Ingraham.


Charles Barkley has made numerous jokes about LeBron James’ receding hairline in the past few years, and he is not the first to make fun of himself. He has even poked fun at his own receding hairline while speaking on TNT. The Los Angeles Lakers guard even compared himself to the “Hollywood elite,” saying that LeBron must have sacrificed a receding hairline for wealth and fame.