VSCO Hairstyles

VSCO girls embody the laidback and beachy aesthetic of the VSCO photo editing app. They value self-expression and making an environmental impact through fashion. This summer, VSCO girls became an online phenomenon, thanks to YouTube and TikTok videos where teens attempted to transform themselves into VSCO girls.

Messy Bun

– A messy bun is an effortless yet glamorous hairstyle for any event or special occasion.

– It can be easily created with online tutorials, making you look stylish quickly.

– This hairstyle keeps hair out of your ears, neck, and cheeks, emphasizing your facial features.

– However, excessive use may lead to traction alopecia.


– The Half-Up style is perfect for keeping hair off your face while maintaining length on top.

– It is effortless and visually appealing, making it suitable for formal or casual wear.

– Adding a textured scrunchie enhances its charm, and you can pair it with any face shape.

– For added glamour, try curls with this style.

Space Buns

– Space buns are a go-to hairstyle for VSCO girls.

– This simple and beautiful look makes any outfit elegant.

– Space buns can make it appear fuller if you have thick and abundant hair.

– Twist hair strands into two high buns, securing them with ties or pins.

– Experiment with braids, textured hairpieces, or unruly strands for variations.

– A mist of hairspray keeps the style in place.

High Ponytail

– High ponytails keep hair out of the face and can be styled with additional touches.

– Adding volume with a small bun or a sleek hair bow creates a stylish look.

– Braiding adds flair and femininity, suitable for any occasion.

– Achieving this effortless style requires minimal maintenance – comb your hair and tie two sections with an elastic.

– Bangs can modernize the classic ponytail look and frame your face beautifully.

– Clip-in faux bangs can achieve the same effect.

VSCO girls have gained international popularity, drawing inspiration from 90s surfer fashion and the VSCO photo editing app. Their style includes jean shorts, tube tops, shell necklaces, and friendship bracelets, often accompanied by Hydroflasks or Jeeps. To achieve the VSCO girl look, essential items such as jean shorts, tube tops, shell necklaces, friendship bracelets, and Instagram or TikTok accounts are necessary.