Fun Summer Hair Colors

No matter the season or your hair texture, there is sure to be an exciting summer hair color shade perfect for you. Read on for ideas to inspire your next salon appointment!

Enhance your blonde look with buttery gold highlights for added vibrancy. This color looks lovely against warm skin tones and will fade even further as time goes on in direct sunlight.

Aqua Blue Ombre

Make a statement this summer with an eye-catching brown-to-blue ombre hair color combination! This eye-catching ombre look adds excitement and personality to any haircut, starting with rich brunette locks and gradually transitioning into light blue hues.

To experiment with blue ombre, try mixing it with other colors, such as purple or green, for an innovative and tailored look. This trendy green-blue and blonde peek-a-boo style on long wavy hair is feminine and seductive. It pairs beautifully with her fashionable black-framed glasses to form a stunning ensemble!

Baby blue hair will add a playful and whimsical appeal. Reminiscent of an unclouded summer sky, this pastel shade will help you channel the essence of a fairy princess!

Silvery Gray

Add shimmer and shine to your summer look by selecting silvery gray as an eyeshadow color. This shimmery hue contains just enough ashy tint for it to appear shimmering; pairing well with blonde hair and most skin tones, it creates a dramatic and stunning appearance.

If the idea of vibrant red shades is too overwhelming, why not opt for warm cinnamon instead? With its orange and brown undertones blend, cinnamon offers more of an understated appearance than typical red shades.

Brunettes looking to add warmth and dimension can optopt for warm chocolate highlights for a summery hue that flatters all skin tones. Ribbon highlights can also provide low-key highlights.

Caramel Brunette

Caramel hair is ideal for brunettes to lighten their appearance without bleaching their entire mane. Dark brown locks with caramel highlights look rich and gorgeous, adding an irresistibly warm sunkissed glow. Consider asking your colorist to highlight face-framing strands to draw attention to your striking eyes and glowing complexion for optimal results.

Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy sports an adorable beachy caramel hue that pairs beautifully with her wavy locks. Annie opts for subtle balayage highlights that blend in seamlessly to avoid looking painted-on highlights. For something bolder, try an ombre effect similar to Jasmine Tookes’s; hers starts a few inches below her roots and gets lighter toward her ends.

Millennial Pink

If you identify as part of the “millennial generation,” this bright pink shade, commonly referred to as millennial pink, might just fit right in with your style. Seen on models, celebrities, and Tumblr pages alike – it could also work just fine for your outfits!

Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Gen Z Yellow, can be quite stimulating, but this pale pink hue offers more relaxation and is stunning when worn against dark hair. Additionally, its shade compliments green houseplants beautifully, working well with most Instagram filters.

This light balayage look looks particularly significant on brunettes, though dip-dyeing may provide more vibrant summer pink highlights. To achieve this look, find a shade that won’t clash with your skin tone and pick one from there.

Unusual Purple

Purple can be an eye-catching hue, drawing people’s attention and turning heads. If you dare to experiment with this bold hue, choose an unusual dark blue and purple blend that stands out. Cool-toned skin tones significantly benefit from wearing purple; add bright blue accents for an additional pop!

If you prefer something subtler, a silvery purple ombre isomplete your look. This shade looks fantastic with light blonde or ash hair colors and can be worn year-round!

Another popular look is a dark purple that gradually transitions into an icy lavender shade, perfect for blonde or ash hair and all surface skin tones.