5 Fun Summer Hair Colors

Summer is the ideal season to experiment with vibrant hues on naturally dark hair, making for an excellent opportunity to try bold hues such as copper penny or rich brown that complement a golden tan. Make sure that when using color-depositing shampoos, to maintain this stunning shade.


Blondes should lighten their locks for summer with strawberry blonde or peach shades, or opt for an eye-catching red shade that works on all skin tones.

Golden Brunette

If you are a brunette, golden brown locks offer an easy, low-maintenance way to revive your look. Boasting warm and cool tones, golden brown complements most skin tones beautifully.

Play with the current hair color trend by adding subtle golden brown Babylights. This balayage technique creates an inside-out glow over natural strands, perfect for those who need more time to switch up their hue. Add a dash of golden brown to your natural brunette locks for an eye-catching, timeless style that never goes out of fashion. This deep chestnut hue features gold highlights for added depth and brightness in dark locks when styled in a wavy manner.

Bright Orange

Are you ready to embrace your inner rebel? Consider bold orange hair color. Fiery hues of orange will energize your locks while framing your features for an eye-catching appearance that is sure to draw compliments!

Ask your stylist to create an orange balayage if you prefer something less obvious. This style features a delicate wash of cool red at the roots that gradually transforms into an eye-catching pink grapefruit shade complemented by an infusion of yellow for softening softness. If you need more time to be ready to commit to full-on orange, try switching things up with a soft peach hue instead. This princessy pastel looks beautiful when your locks are curled; its light peach tone blends easily with natural strands for easy maintenance!

Pastel Pink

Pastel pink hair color trends are one of the most prominent summer hair colors and are incredibly versatile. Ranging from subtle ombre to rose gold locks, there are multiple ways to sport this gorgeous hue!

Pink can make a statement in blonde hair colors, whether combined with lighter fashion tones or worn alone for an eye-catching and delicate look. A few strands of pink add sweetness and depth to any bob haircut. To achieve this soft look, bleach your hair before dyeing it with a semi-permanent formula safe for at-home use. To avoid harsh lines of demarcation and make selecting the ideal shade easier, start by dying only your roots; this way, you can monitor how the color fades over time while quickly finding what fits.

Dark Pastel Hues

If pink isn’t quite your color, try switching things up with something deep pastel like mint green for something with more depth and less vibrancy – mint green has playful undertones while still adding an eye-catching pop! Plus, it will bring some mermaid magic into your locks while looking fantastic against warm and cool skin tones!

If you still decide whether to commit to full pastel hair, why not experiment with baby lights or dip-dyed tips instead? These semi-permanent options typically last 4-6 weeks before quickly washing out. Use quality sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner products when caring for them so they’ll leave your locks in peak condition! If you are already a redhead, adding a subtle sunset or orange tint can add a pop of color without causing more damage than necessary. Pair your new hue with beachy waves for an effortless summer look!

Caramel Brown

Caramel brown is an inviting hue that mixes blonde and brown tones to appear golden. This delightful hue complements all hair textures beautifully, providing natural-looking highlights for dark locks while lightening dark locks seamlessly, or used as part of subtle techniques such as baby lights or balayage for bolder results or more noticeable applications, such as ombre. This rich shade works wonderfully against warm skin tones; adding this warm tone with subtle techniques like baby lights or balayage is sure to please.

Request that your colorist use ribbon highlights for an eye-catching sun-kissed effect. This technique will keep the crown naturally dark while drawing attention to the mid-lengths and ends of your mane. Make sure you stay hydrated with a deep conditioner to avoid dryness or dullness in your locks – celebrity colorist Michael Canale uses this technique on Jennifer Aniston’s blonde locks!