How to Maintain Full Layered Hair

Full-layered hair looks its best when properly maintained. Get regular trims to prevent split ends and keep your layers looking their best! Ask your hairdresser to create long layers that frame your face and add feathered texture and volume. Add side bangs for an eye-catching and feminine look!

Two-Tier Lob

If you’re seeking a medium-length layered hairstyle with added texture, consider going for the two-tiered style. It offers the sassiness of a bob with just the right amount of softness. Plus, its two tiers provide dimension for added visual interest and depth. A middle part can help balance this angled cut against your facial structure and skin color. A layered bob with bangs can add an intriguing and feminine look and conceal a broad forehead. While traditional bobs can sometimes look harsh on specific faces, this style modernizes its silhouette with fringe that frames your face for a more delicate finish. Teased layered looks have quickly become the height of fashion. This chic style provides everything a woman needs to feel fashionable, from blonde baby lights or black money pieces to adding flair with a curly shag for extra glitz in your lob.

Cute Layered Bob

A standard bob demands precision and precise edges, but what about those who like to experiment? Jagged layers – whether straight or wavy – add tons of character and personality for short-haired girls. Tousle them, gel them in a specific direction, curl them up, or add pink and purple highlights, and you’ll find that jagged layers look stunning no matter their form or styling! Another unique variation of layered hairstyles is a cute long bob with flips of hair at its ends. This style looks adorable when worn with a middle part and slightly waved locks; this helps emphasize face structure while adding volume and airiness. Flipped ends create a halo effect, which adds character and charm. It works best for oval, heart-shaped, round faces with medium to thick hair textures.

Rachel Haircut

Jennifer Aniston popularized the Rachel haircut during Friends, making it an iconic style staple that continues to trend today. Recreate the original or try a modern variation; this versatile cut will frame your face beautifully, adding thick locks volume and thickness. Modern variations on the Rachel haircut feature longer layers with loose, relaxed waves for a soft and flattering frame around your face. This current version works exceptionally well on all face shapes and hair textures with light to medium colors with some volume or volume at their base. Add face-framing highlights for an eye-catching take on this timeless ’90s trend! Alternatively, you may explore lowlighting as an equally gorgeous option.

Straight Layers

Layers add depth and fullness to any hair length or texture, from thin or delicate strands onward. They help give light or fine locks an illusion of fullness and volume. When added to long or thick locks, they help shape and remove weight while creating new styles. Cute layers look stunning on wavy or curly locks as they add movement and dimension. These layers pair nicely when worn alongside bangs! If your long straight hair tends to cover your features, add layers for an updated look. Have your stylist feather the ends just above the jawline to open up the face and simplify styling. With medium-length locks, add some waves using sea salt spray before blow-drying upside down for an interesting tousled effect that shows off their natural beauty.