How to Choose a Beautiful Hair Color

An elegant hair color can instantly boost confidence. Plus, it looks fantastic against different skin tones and brightens the eyes! Whether your hair color preference leans more toward blonde or dark brown, like Margot Robbie or Megan Fox, winter-worthy hues will look amazing.

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde is an eye-catching shade that will look fantastic on any hair texture, from short to long locks. It pairs beautifully with many color accents – from pastel hues like lilac to highlights or full head balayage techniques, producing natural-looking results with less time than foil highlights. Highlights can also be strategically placed around the face for an eye-catching sun-kissed effect or used with an ombre to add subtle contrast and create depth of character. Dark hair can also be dyed ash blonde to lighten it without experiencing drastic color shifts, using either the balayage or ombre techniques to highlight the contrast between its dark roots and lighter tips.

Red hair

Red hair can make an immediate statement. Its striking hue can turn heads quickly, especially on warm skin tones such as olive and darker complexions. Red is an eye-catching look on friendly faces such as olive and darker. If you want something less dramatic, a rose gold balayage like this one isring out your eyes’ natural warmth and best features. Keke Palmer’s vibrant cherry red locks evoke memories of Little Mermaid Ariel. Consider using more subdued hues, such as burgundy, if this shade is too bold. If going for more aggressive tones, ask your stylist to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner so your color lasts as long as possible – maintaining such vibrant hues without frequent touch-ups can be challenging!

Honey Blonde

Honey blonde highlights are an elegant way to achieve the sun-kissed look, perfect for anyone struggling to decide between blonde and brown hair colors. Warm yet flattering, honey blonde tones look beautiful against all skin tones. If you choose to dye all or most of your locks honey blonde all over, you should get touch-ups every 4-6 weeks; alternatively, balayage/ombre techniques offer more leeway but still require touch-ups regularly for vibrant color retention. Caramel honey blonde hues are ideal for medium and deep skin tones with warm undertones, as these hues feature copper, amber, and gold to create depth and dimension. Ask your stylist to add face-framing highlights or soft balayage techniques for lightening up without going too blonde.

Brown Hair

There are endless color possibilities for brunettebrunette hair color – from warm hues like cinnamon, chestnut, and caramel to cooler ones like ash chocolate and burgundy brown. A rich mahogany hue looks gorgeous whether worn up or down; highlighters can further accentuate a rich brown tone like Jenny Slate’s voluminous curls, which feature large swaths of highlights in various shades of brown that perfectly compliment her darker roots. Or opt for a subtle balayage effect with lighter strands concentrated closer to your face for an ombre style that looks beautiful on women with light to medium skin tones. Or, for something exquisite, choose dark chocolate brown for its head-turning hue – ideal for all complexions and complementing blue, green, or hazel eyes beautifully!

Black Hair

Black hair can be stunningly stunning when worn in its appropriate shade. Jet black features an exquisite sheen that shimmers silver under bright light, like raven feathers glinting silvery. This hue particularly complements pale to fair complexions. Sable is a dark yet neutral shade that is suitable for everyday wear and complements warm skin tones beautifully. Pair this look with cat eyes and classic red lips to make an impressionful statement.

Whatever beautiful hue you select for your locks, always keep TRESemme Root Touch-Up Sprays handy so you can cover any grays between salon visits. And share your pictures using TRESemme on Instagram so we can showcase them on our feed!