What’s So Cool About the Flowbee Haircut?

The Flowbee is an electrically powered vacuum cleaner attachment. It was invented in 1986 by a carpenter in San Diego, California. It was given a US patent in 1987. It has been marketed since 1988. Its name is an allusion to the flow of a stream of water.


If you love your flowbee haircut and want to save money, consider purchasing a Robocut for flowbee haircut. The Robocut can trim your hair to a half-inch thickness. It comes with a two-year warranty and is easy to maintain. Its razor blades are laser-etched, so they should hold their edge for a year. The only downside is that the power cord is near the end of the hose and can be hard to get to. Another issue is that the Robocut doesn’t work very well on wet Hair. It is primarily designed for dry hair and is not suited for hair that is wavy or curly.

The Robocut has a more convenient design than the Flowbee, which is ideal for those who like to cut their own Hair. The showerhead style of the Robocut makes it easier to reach backwards, and the spacers allow it to reach the back of the head. The Robocut is also better for cutting thick hair, and does not require a comb attachment for pets.

While the Robocut and Flowbee are compatible with a variety of vacuum cleaners, you will need a strong one with at least 3 horsepower. The Robocut also requires a vacuum cleaner that comes with an adapter. If your vacuum cleaner does not have this feature, you can purchase a universal hose and attach the Robocut hose to it with duct tape.

The Robocut has been around for nearly two years, but was still a few years older than the Flowbee. The Flowbee was the first vacuum-based Haircutting system, but the Robocut is much more affordable. Unlike Flowbee, it has the same advantages but costs far less than the Flowbee.

The Robocut is incredibly easy to use. You can cut any length you choose between one-quarter of an inch and six inches with it. It has an ergonomic design, and no experience is necessary to get the perfect haircut. This hair cutting tool also comes with a Bonus HairLine that shapes the back of your Haircut. It keeps your hair looking fresh while getting rid of that pesky neck hair. It is also convenient to use in the shower.

The Robocut for flowbee haircut is great for those who prefer a clean, simple cut. It’s not ideal for precise layers and isn’t suited for those with thick or curly hair. However, it does a great job on straight or medium hair.


A Flowbee haircut is a quick and easy way to give your hair a great cut without wasting a ton of time. This vacuum cleaner attachment was invented in 1986 by a San Diego, California carpenter named Rick E. Hunts. His invention was granted US patent 4679322 in 1987. Since then, the Flowbee has become a popular tool for barbers, stylists, and homeowners alike.

Hunts, a former carpenter in San Diego, got the idea for his hair-cutting machine from watching a television show. He thought about using a vacuum cleaner to cut hair and tried out prototypes on kids, who were willing test subjects. Eventually, he developed a machine that could cut up to six inches of hair at a time.

The Flowbee is manufactured in the United States and has over 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Its design is user-friendly and prevents hand fatigue during the trimming process. It also has a long hose to allow for more flexibility of movement during the cut. Customers who have tried the Flowbee say it is worth the money.

The Flowbee haircutting system is a good option for people who want to keep their hair short without having to spend a lot of time in the salon. It also requires very little maintenance. It’s easy to use and requires no additional tools, and there is no mess to clean up. It also gives you the chance to choose the exact cut you want.

The Flowbee can be easily connected to a vacuum cleaner through the hose attachment. Its suction power should be at least 3 hp. The Flowbee also comes with a kit of spacers that allows you to cut your hair to any length you want. You may need to purchase spacers in different colors depending on the style you want.

The Flowbee haircut system has a universal adapter and vacuum hose. It fits most standard vacuum cleaners. However, the performance of a vacuum is directly related to the horsepower of the vacuum, so it’s best to use a vacuum that has at least three horsepower.

George Clooney’s flowbee haircut

A new device that cuts hair and dries it in a single pass has caught the attention of celebrities like George Clooney. The Flowbee is an at-home haircutting system that has been a hit on infomercials for years. The device has even been used in space, where floating hair clippings can interfere with important electronics. It was also praised by Clooney during a recent interview.

It’s an electrically-powered hair clipper and vacuum combo that George Clooney has been using for years. The Flowbee clipper was first marketed in the 80s via infomercials. It’s a good enough tool for Clooney to cut his hair, and you can too.

The Flowbee has been the subject of jokes since the company’s infomercials in the late ’80s. The Flowbee has soared in popularity this year, primarily due to George Clooney’s praise for it. Clooney has used the Flowbee for over two decades and claims that it takes him less than 2 minutes to cut his own hair.

George Clooney has a history of cutting his own hair. The Flowbee is an electric clipping tool that was invented in the 1980s. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the director of “The Midnight Sky” revealed that he has used it for decades to cut his hair.

It has become an increasingly popular method of DIY hair cutting for many celebrities. The Flowbee was even featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Show,” where Clooney demonstrated how to use it. It’s worth noting that Clooney has been cutting his hair for years, and he’s never faced any hair loss problems.

Comparison of Flowbee vs Robocut

There are two different electric hair trimmers on the market today. One is the Flowbee, which is great for cutting short hair, while the other is ideal for longer locks. The Robocut is more flexible in its cutting capabilities, allowing users to make tiny changes to the length of their hair, while the Flowbee only cuts at 1/4″ increments. Both clippers can trim all types of hair, and the Robocut also works well with curly or thick hair.

Both clippers are suitable for use on pets, though a brush is required before use. When cutting a pet’s hair, you should cut no more than 1/2 inch at a time. The Flowbee has a tapered styler, which helps you to shape the head and ears more accurately. The Robocut does not have information about its tapered setting, so it is best to check the manual for your specific machine before buying.

Both Flowbee and Robocut offer similar features, but the Robocut has a lower price tag. Robocut has been on the market for about two years longer than the Flowbee. Although Flowbee has won the hearts of many users, Robocut still has a loyal following.

The Robocut is more powerful and more efficient than the Flowbee, and has more attachments for different styles. If you are looking for a cheap and simple tool for grooming your pet, the Robocut may be a better option for you. But if you’re after quality and a longer lifespan, the Flowbee is a great option.

The Flowbee has a small and quiet design, but it can be quite noisy and may not work for a small dog with a super-thick coat. But for small dogs and medium-sized breeds, the Flowbee is a great choice.