Beautiful Braided Hairstyles

Beautiful braided hairstyles are an easy and attractive way to keep hair out of your face and look fantastic with different outfits.

Waterfall Braid

One popular style is a waterfall braid, perfect for casual occasions like hanging out with friends or date nights.

Braids with Curls

Curly strands add volume and texture to braided styles and are easier to braid without kinking or frizz. Use dry texturizing spray or smoothing cream to keep them smooth and sleek.

Combining jumbo box braids with curls will give your locks more volume and create a boho look. Add gold cuffs for an added glam touch.

Combining short box braids with curls creates a sleek and chic style, perfect for special events or everyday use. Add flair with bows or gems for added oomph.

Braided Bun

A braided bun is an elegant way to showcase the vibrant hue of your locks while protecting them. Start with clean, detangled locks and French braid two pigtails backwards towards your scalp. Twist these braids under themselves and tie into a high bun secured with spiral pins.

To add texture and dimension, gently pull apart braid plaits to make them wider and fuller. This creates an airy, whimsical effect.

This braided bun features an eye-catching cord pattern and blue braids, making a memorable and enchanting statement. Ideal for surprising friends and family with something unique and eye-catching.

Braided Ponytail

Braids are an effective protective style to encourage natural hair growth and decrease daily styling time. They also help lock in moisture and keep ends healthy. Accessorize braids with rhinestones, pearls, hair pins, bows, colorful elastic, or fabric trimmings for various looks.

This adorable hairstyle is easy and suits all women. It keeps your face clear and highlights its features. The braid into ponytail style exudes femininity, reminiscent of Disney princesses. Perfect for first dates, school, or casual days out.

Braids with Color

Rainbow colored braids are an impressive way to express yourself and make a statement. Choose colors that reflect your mood and tie your hair in a French braid to show off the rainbow hues.

For a more subdued approach, try mixing up the colors of your braids for an ombre effect. This allows you to experiment with new hues without being too bold. Add colored hair accessories to complete the look.

If you prefer natural colors, gray braids can add an elegant edge. They work well with all skin tones and are great for short bob styles or topknots. Consult with a professional stylist before dying your locks for optimal results.