7 Everyday Hairstyles For Short Hair

Finding a style that complements your lifestyle and facial structure is vital when selecting a short haircut. No matter your short haircut – be it pixie, classic bob, or any other variation – endless adorable, simple hairstyles will suit you!

Messy Ponytail

Display your ombre locks with this casual everyday hairstyle! Fasten rumpled strands into a middle-height messy ponytail, adding a bandana headband for added classic chicness – ideal for casual pants and tops! This style is perfect for a day spent with friends or family and works well on office casual days if necessary. Tease your hair lightly to achieve that complete, voluminous look and add texture as well. Black hair looks fantastic when styled into this chic style, and women of any age can wear it. Curl your ends to add volume and use hairspray to hold it all in place, or add more glamour by adding pearls or flower barrettes for an eye-catching finish! This look is ideal for women who love experimenting with their eyes, making it the perfect style for an evening party or dance night out!

Classic Ponytail

A classic ponytail is one of the best everyday hairstyles for short hair, as this versatile look looks professional and chic if secured with bobby pins. Perfect for casual work environments and family outings! If you want a stylish hairstyle, why not add plaits or cornrows as fun accents? They will add texture and drama and be great alternatives to updos for fancier events. Covering your elastic with an eye-catching accessory, like a scrunchie or bow, is another quick and easy way to elevate an everyday ponytail and help hide any loose strands that might fall out. Or try adding some braided flair with bubble or twisted side braids for a more feminine touch!

Side Part Braid

Adding a side part to your ponytail creates an eye-catching, trendy look. To maintain its structure, use hair spray or gently tug at the braid a little to slightly tighten it up. Leave loose wisps of hair at either end for framing purposes. This simple yet chic hairstyle for medium-length hair is ideal for casual dress attire and working-from-home environments. This hairdo requires little time or effort, making it the perfect solution when needing to be ready quickly in the mornings or for working at home environments. This style resembles the standard messy ponytail but adds more volume by teasing your crown area for additional lift. Clear elastic and bobby pins will secure this style; you may need some hairspray to tame any flyaways before heading out the door!

Scarf Ponytail

Once again, everyday hairstyles for short hair can be challenging to find. Sometimes you might see an inspiring tutorial only to realize it requires more coat than is available! We have discovered seven easy looks that look fabulous on anyone with short locks! Begin by combing your hair well and creating a deep side part. Next, create a high ponytail on one of the larger sides of your head, secured by an elastic band. Please take one of the hairs from this ponytail and roll it like a bun; secure it using bobby pins before repeating this look on both sides of your hair. Spray your hair with some hairspray and get ready to rock this adorable style. It makes a lovely change from traditional ponytails and will look fantastic on women of all ages – especially those with thick or thin locks! This cute yet sophisticated look suits wavy or straight locks alike and those who possess thin or thick locks density.