How to Style a Medium Hair Undercut

This undercut pixie features low maintenance needs but a trendy flair, elevated by its patterned sides and vibrant dye options for its shaved section. For even more style and vibrancy, dye the unit itself to add flair and more style!

No matter which style you opt for – fade or taper – an undercut quiff will make an impression statement about you and will have people talking! Ideal for wavy hair types, its full and voluminous top can be enhanced further with styling wax to emphasize its unique shape.

Asymmetrical Undercut

Asymmetrical haircuts are usually associated with short locks, but adding them to medium-length locks creates a unique and eye-catching style. If your long, thick locks feel heavy or lifeless, adding layers could add dimension and personality – giving your locks more depth, size, and measurement!

This trendy look can be achieved simply by shaving one side of your head while leaving the other longer, or, more dramatically, with an uneven cut resembling a feminine mohawk. To complete this trending style, add streaks of color on the longer side to make it pop!

Asymmetrical layered styles pair nicely with bangs and shags; even try an asymmetrical shag! Just be sure to use a strong hair styling product like Matrix Style Link Over Achiever 3-in-1 Cream Paste Wax which spreads like a cream yet provides texture enhancement without becoming tacky or sticky over time.

Buzzed Undercut

The buzzed undercut is an eye-catching style that combines short sides and back with a longer top for an eye-catching effect. Depending on the desired styling, its shaved section may be concealed or exposed; it works particularly well on men with curly locks.

Although many men prefer more rugged and masculine looks, this style can also work for those seeking something sleek and more polished. Its tight sides emphasize volume on top while working perfectly for round face shapes – it also pairs nicely when worn alongside a hard side part!

This undercut is perfect for guys with shorter strands, unlike other styles that suit thick hair better. Shaved sections can be concealed behind a tall quiff while the remaining strands are brushed up to create an eye-catching style and fashionable finish – this look adds a bit of character and personality! It makes an impressive first impression and offers many styling opportunities!

Long Undercut

The long undercut takes an ordinary haircut to an entirely new level by keeping its sides very short – allowing your top layer of hair to remain longer while adding an eye-catching undercut detail. It works particularly well on wavy locks, as this style requires minimal upkeep outside of adding gel or pomade.

Another alternative for long undercuts is adding fades to the back and sides while leaving longer lengths on top. This style can benefit those who have yet to commit fully to buzz cuts but would like to explore a new style.

To create a truly eye-catching look, try dying one side of your hair dark while keeping the other half in a light blonde shade – this contrast will add visual interest. Use a high-quality clipper to seamlessly trim shorter sections of hair to blend them with longer strands.

Medium Undercut

Medium hair undercuts tend to feature shorter sides and back for an eye-catching, bolder look that’s easy to maintain. Many men choose this style to emphasize or exaggerate facial features.

A subtle quiff adds dimension and drama to this undercut, which is ideal for men with thicker locks. Additionally, the remainder of the hair is textured for additional volume before being brushed into its final form to complete this style.

This undercut combines the full pompadour style with the tight slicked-back style of an undercut pixie for a modern, eye-catching look that will turn heads. A high-quality styling wax or pomade is needed to hold the hair in place and provide a polished finish; adding dark hues helps achieve a smoky effect which is trending this year.