Eva Gabor Wigs – Inspiring Celebrity Hairstyles

There are many reasons for women to wear Eva Gabor wigs, and some of them are therapeutic. For instance, gabor wigs can provide comfort to women who are experiencing hair loss due to a condition like chemotherapy. They can also improve the overall quality of life for those suffering from a disease like cancer.

Honey Mist

Eva Gabor Honey Mist wigs are made from a synthetic material. They feature a slight curl and lots of textured layers. They also have wispy bangs to frame the face and provide a flattering finish. These wigs are very comfortable to wear and have various comfort features, such as open ear tabs and an extended nape. In addition, they have an inside weft that gives the hairline a natural appearance. They are best for medium-sized heads.

Innuendo by Eva Gabor

This elegant Hair has a chic look. It features long layers that taper along the jaw line and are stacked into shorter layers in the back. Wispy bangs, meanwhile, are finger-styled for a modern shag look. Innuendo is a ready-to-wear style and is recommended for women with an oval face shape.


Eva Gabor International was founded in 1969, and quickly became one of the leading wig manufacturers in the world. Since its founding, the company has prioritized quality and innovation. Among its most significant innovations is the capless wig, which made the wig less wiggly and more comfortable. Today, Gabor’s product range focuses on everyday styles for women.