Crazy Hair Day For Girls

If your daughter loves outrageous hairstyles, these fun and creative ideas will delight her. From donuts on a plate to spider bun, these unique wigs and braids will help make her stand out in a crowd.

Donut on a Plate

If your daughter loves desserts and girlie hairstyles, this adorable look may be her new go-to. Divide her hair into two high pigtails and wrap each around a paper cupcake liner so they look like frosted donuts!

Teased Beehives

Teased beehives are another fun way to add drama and flair to her hairstyle on crazy hair day. Add flower or bee clips for added drama!

Spider Buns

Spider buns are an excellent, crazy hair day idea for girls with long locks. To achieve this look, form a ballerina bun and add black pipe cleaners for legs – this look should do the same!


If your daughter has long, thick hair, you can transform her into an octopus by braiding rope braids across her head and adding fake spiders for extra effect. To achieve this bizarre appearance, create rope braids crisscrossing her head before adding fake spiders as final touches!

Mermaid Tail

Girls who enjoy the popular TV show H2O: Add Water will go crazy over this easy hairstyle inspired by its protagonists. Tie two high ponytails through cupcake liners before adding some temporary hair color for an authentic frosting effect.

Rainbow Hair

Make a statement with this bold rainbow look with this Marie Antoinette-style teased beehive hairstyle, complete with its distinctive teased beehive hairstyle. All it requires is a bun maker or “hair donut,” a temporary spray-on color, and some decorative seeds made of large black buttons or fabric cut-outs – add them for that finishing touch!


If your daughter loves Christmas, this wacky hairstyle will bring joy. Easy to achieve and incorporates sticks or other objects in her locks for an aesthetically pleasing result. To achieve this look, she should start by sectioning her hair into two high ponytails and placing a cupcake liner over them – then add accessories like pom-poms. The result should look adorable.


Girls love unicorns, making this school hairstyle perfect. Easy to achieve, and you can even personalize it by decorating the headband with glitter unicorns! This quirky look is ideal for girls with long locks. It consists of a spiky mohawk style that you can transform into the Pippi Longstocking look using colored hair spray.


Girls love creating wild hair looks, but certain styles require more work. Try the octopus design; it’s straightforward for long hair and even offers additional detail with a bun maker! Girl Loves Glam offers this cupcake bun style as another direct option for styling your daughter’s hair. Insert her locks into high pigtails and securely secure them to her head using pins or elastic bands.


If your little girl loves Halloween, she will adore a pumpkin hairstyle! Perfect for girls with long, thick locks. Tease it into pigtails and add pipe cleaner legs for legs! Cupcake hairstyles are another easy, crazy hairday style idea. Apply the temporary color spray to achieve this fun look, add pom-poms and ribbon for extra flair, and have fun!


The Dollhouse TV show has long been a cult favorite among girls. Created by Joss Whedon and starring Eliza Dushku, it follows a secret facility that hires people known as Actives but then erases their memories after each engagement. Use a bun donut for a fast and straightforward crazy hair day style: add orange spray-on hair color and faux leaves for the appearance of pumpkins.