How to Style Box Braids

Box braids are a timeless hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, perfect for any event or special occasion. Accessorize to make this braided style even more stylish! A must-have style!

Long box braids with bright blonde highlights for a retro ’90s-style look can make a statement at events such as Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards. Actress and comedian Yvonne Orji wore this look during her performance.


Ponytail hairstyles look stunning on everyone, and box braids look especially eye-catching when pulled back into a stylish ponytail. Add color for added drama – whether it’s a classic black hue or something more eye-catching like dark blue box braids, this style idea will turn heads!

If your natural hair does not meet your desired look, extensions may help add volume and size; but make sure they’re not installed too tightly as this could damage baby hairs and edges – for this reason, consult a professional stylist who has experience installing braids which can tell you how tight to make yours and suggest products suitable for them.


Updo hairstyles are one of the most stylish ways to wear box braids, keeping them off your face and neck to highlight facial features more quickly. For added sparkle or charm, add glitter or beads into your braids for added impact!

Altering your braids into a halo braid is another simple and quick way to elevate your updo, adding instant sophistication to your look. Replicating this look requires no experience whatsoever, yet you will instantly upgrade it! Add even more drama by wearing it with a headband or bow!

If you want a simple yet stylish updo hairstyle, pull your box braids into a sleek ponytail for an elegant updo hairstyle. This will keep your hair off your face, keeping the temperature down. Add flair using clear scrunchies or hair ties that won’t snag your braids – or take it further with glitter!


One of the easiest ways to style box braids is with a headband. This look works for any occasion and always looks cute; use a clear elastic band to see your hairline without pulling too tight – wear this style even under a hat if desired!

If you want to show your bolder side, why not use an eye-catching colored elastic band? Opt for pink to showcase your feminine side.

Bead braids in a high ponytail to add drama and beauty to any look – this look suits every woman!

Purple Braids

Purple braids add an eye-catching pop of color and style. Popular among celebrities like Kesha and Katy Perry, this elegant hue complements dark skin tones while pairing perfectly with various hairstyles.

Longer box braids can be styled into a high ponytail to showcase their beauty or arranged into a low bun on one side for an elegant and classic look. This style works well for women with hipster vibes who enjoy living life fashionably forward.

Crown braids are an eye-catching way to wear box braids. This chic hairstyle involves pulling multiple braids across the face and securing them with a bow for an attractive hairstyle that works for any event – even wearing it to work! For added contrast, try mixing two colors of braids for an eye-catching contrast.