Easy Mens Haircuts

For an effortless style with minimal upkeep, consider going with a tight taper haircut from your barbershop. This barbershop cut uses clippers to shorten and fade both the sides and back before coming together at about two inches on top, so that it can either be slicked back like David Beckham does or styled forward with pomade such as Rudy’s Matte Pomade ($19).

Volume and texture can make fine hair appear thicker. Try styling it into a quiff or comb over, like that seen on George Russell.


A shag haircut is an elegant and on-trend style that’s easy to style. Perfect for all hair textures and face shapes, its choppy-layered finish creates fullness while maintaining an informal yet fashionable aesthetic. Blunt bangs create contrast between its layers and fringe fullness for added effect.

Medium-length hair works beautifully with this look as it flatters all face shapes. Slick back or side-swept bangs frame round cheekbones while curtain bangs balance angular features. Shag hairstyles can also appear less choppy by adding face-framing highlights or the balayage technique which blends natural-looking colors for an airbrushed effect. Bright orange hues have an eye-catching rock star vibe while more neutral tones like strawberry and wine offer romantic charm.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is one of the easiest mens haircuts to maintain, providing sleek and minimal style while being enhanced by adding texture or creating more dramatic looks with hair products. No matter if it’s a high fade, taper fade, or straight razor fade style – this sleek and modern cut looks fantastic on almost everyone. Not only is it fashionable but also it serves to frame the face and highlight cheekbones and jawlines beautifully.

For an extra flair to your buzz cut, try adding designs such as zig-zags or lines. This is an effective way of showing off your individuality while looking great on all hair types. The burr cut is an ideal variation on the classic buzz cut that works great on all hair lengths. It is easily maintained using either a 1 or 2 clipper blade for simple and masculine style.


Quiff haircuts can add style and character to any look, especially those with round faces, by helping to elongate facial features and create dimension. A quiff also makes short-haired men feel confident as it can be simple to manage and style!

This comb over quiff style is an updated take on the classic pompadour, making it perfect for anyone who wishes to appear dapper. Extremely flexible and adaptable to fit into various personal styles (for instance: with beard or mustache). To achieve the look, ask your barber for a taper fade with length on top, aiming for four to five inches in total. When giving instructions, bring along reference images so they understand exactly what you want done; styling wax like Suavecito may also prove beneficial when styling this look.


Updo haircuts are one of the easiest mens hairstyles to create. Perfect for special events like weddings and proms, updo haircuts also add a touch of elegance at work.

Updos can be styled in various ways to achieve a unique and fashionable appearance, from twisting, coiling, braiding or simply pinning them up – each style adding its own distinct touch and modern edge. Many updos may even include bangs for an added modern and youthful edge! If you have wavy or curly hair, this updo can work beautifully to frame your face and draw attention to eye color.

A modern take on Gibson roll, it uses bobby pins to secure hair in place – make sure you use heat protectant first though so as to not damage it further! You could add face-framing highlights or long swoopy bangs for an added pop!