Easy mens haircuts

Easy men’s haircuts typically involve short styles with no intricate fades. If you have longer hair, however, eye-catching styles such as pompadours with temple undercuts might be easily possible; such techniques look stylish yet masculine.

Textured Crop

A textured crop requires minimal care to keep looking its best; apply some gel or pomade to slick it back when necessary easily.

Crew Cut with a Skin Fade

This crew cut with skin fade is an excellent choice for men looking for an effortless style without spending hours styling their locks. This style works on most face shapes and works for all hair types – if you are unsure you need help deciding what kind to go for, consult a barber or stylist.

Variation: Layered Cut

This haircut is a variation of the classic crew cut with a taper fade. Its versatility and casual feel make it suitable for formal and informal settings alike, whether using the product to achieve more polished styles or leaving it to dry naturally for a natural, messy, and texturized style.

Pompadour with a Temple Undercut

This pomp style with taper fade is ideal for men looking to keep their hair fresh and cool, making it suitable for formal and casual events. Additionally, its low maintenance requirements require only some styling wax to create the polished appearance that men desire.

Short Quiff

The short quiff haircut is a contemporary take on the classic pompadour cut, offering a professional appearance with minimal upkeep required. Its shorter sides and back make your crown area the focal point, adding an edge flair to your image.

Short Mohawk

A short mohawk could be the ideal way for men looking for an eye-catching yet subtle statement. Perfect for any hair texture (wavy, straight, or curly), this hairstyle features a high fade on its sides for added contrast while its sides remain un-shaven for an eye-catching appearance.


Shag is a versatile low-maintenance cut that suits almost all hair types, featuring short sides and back, with longer top sections highlighting texture. Easy to style using styling cream or gel.