Easy Medium Length Haircuts

Whether you have thick, curly, or straight locks, these effortless medium-length haircuts can add a stylish edge to your look. Use matte pomade and create an unruly hard part to achieve a unique, free-spirited style that exudes independence and self-expression.

Taper Fades

Taper fades are versatile cuts that work for most facial structures, especially for men with medium hair. Their long top, short sides, and middle part create an eye-catching, stylish style.

Shaggy Shoulder Length Haircut

The shag is a highly flexible style that can accommodate hair of all textures and face shapes. When setting out to achieve this style, ask your stylist to set a length at the occipital bone as a guide for creating a balanced cut that emphasizes features such as your cheekbones. This will make a flat appearance and accentuate features more effectively.

Wispy Feathered Layers

Wispy feathered layers and full curtain bangs combine to give this medium shag its romantic, feminine aesthetic. It is ideal for women seeking minimal living environments as this style requires little maintenance. Use color to add depth and dimension to this texturized, effortless hairstyle.

V-Cut Layers

The V-cut is an effortless medium-length haircut designed for anyone with curly or wavy locks. This stylish medium-length cut adds dimension and volume to your strands while projecting high-fashion vibes when styled with an attractive middle part and face-framing bangs. Working with a stylist who knows how to cut this shape simplifies managing even the most demanding hair challenges.

Feathered Layers

Feathered layers effectively add volume to thin hair while simultaneously creating an airy and light style. With soft angled layers that frame your face and look fantastic when worn with bangs, feathered layers offer volume for thinner locks while still looking effortless and luxurious.

Thick hair with Straight Texture

If you have thick, straight hair that’s very straight, this angled bob could be the ideal medium-length haircut for you. With its chic angle and full fringe, this style allows for bold highlights or funky streaks to bring this look alive.

Soft Layers

Ladies with shoulder-length hair can achieve a chic look by layering. Layers are great for creating volume in thin or delicate hair textures and adding structure to thicker wavy or curly textures; coatings can reduce weight from long hair. This layered shoulder-skimming haircut with soft face-framing strands is a stylish choice for women with heart, diamond, or oval face shapes. This style requires low maintenance as it can either be slicked back with serum or worn loose for a feminine finish. Apply your favorite texturizing hair product onto damp hair and blow dry with a paddle brush to achieve this look. When almost dry, comb through layers and sweep bangs to one side for an elegant style.