Color 33 Braiding Hair

Color 33 braiding hair is the ideal combination of colors for those seeking an elegant take on Barbie-esque looks. Burgundy exudes hot girl appeal, making this choice an excellent statement piece. Silver offers women an eye-catching appearance that expresses strength. Gold exudes beauty and wealth. Black is the timeless classic shade that complements all skin tones and styles.

Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum Pink is an irresistibly sweet candy-colored shade, ideal for anyone experimenting with fantasy hair colors without going through bleaching procedures. If you need clarification on whether going bold with bubblegum pink is for you, ask your stylist about balayage applications that lighten natural strands to help make the change less drastic. Dip-dye gives similar vivid effects without damaging bleach-bleaching products.


Burgundy is an elegant wine hue that combines deep red with violet and brown tones for a sophisticated wine hue that works for those who adore red hair but do not prefer fiery tones. Burgundy works well with naturally dark hair, making it an excellent option for shadow roots. However, maintaining vibrant hues may prove challenging if your strands become damaged over time. LaBeija recommends investing in high-quality shampoo and conditioner designed to protect colored hair against fade. Furthermore, set regular salon appointments for touch-ups.


Maroon braids are an elegant way to add sophistication and class to any ensemble. Although the hue may appear darker than burgundy, maroon still contains red and brown tones, blending in beautifully with most skin tones. Try styling this color loose and flowing or creating more structure with crochet braids; it also looks lovely in mermaid-themed braids, which pair nicely with the KK Jumbo hair Colors 130 Red Auburn, 350 Rusty Red, and D13 Rich Auburn for optimal results.


White braiding hair is an elegant color that exudes strength and power. Perfect for cornrows or layered braids, white braids provide a stylish yet mysterious appearance – showing women they can do anything they want! White braids give women confidence and power that cannot be underestimated. To create the ideal mixture, combine bits from each color until you arrive at your perfect shade. Feel free to experiment by mixing multiple hues – ensure they each receive equal proportions!


Gold braids make an elegant statement on dark-skinned Nigerian women. This shade works exceptionally well on women with natural black hair who wish to add some hue to their protective style; ensure your stylist knows how to blend both shades appropriately. Alternatively, pair golden braids with brown accessories if you are still tentative about taking on purple looks. This will allow the color to complement your skin tone more comfortably and reduce its impact.


Chocolate gives off an elegant, sophisticated, and even dramatic vibe and works best on women with warm golden or even olive undertones that fall into the autumn colortype category. Additionally, this shade looks good against cool olive skin tones as well. This creamy milk chocolate balayage on a long bob is hard to resist! With perfect dimension and low maintenance needs, this look displays highlights beautifully while showing them off in style. This combination of colors creates an eye-catching effect that highlights and illuminates the face. It draws focus towards the eyes.


If you like keeping others guessing, then this color could be for you. It gives a distinctive look and stands out in a crowd. Cornrows and layered braids work exceptionally well when using this hue. Gold has long been associated with wealth and pride, which makes it a timeless choice among women of all types. Its soothing intense look conveys bravery and victory, while its versatile shade matches every skin tone perfectly.