Cute Hairdos For Girls

If your little girl adores pigtails, consider giving their look some dimension with this twisted hairstyle. Create a side fishtail braid, leaving out a section to twist into this adorable design, and finish it off with a bow clip for an eye-catching finish.

Sock Ballerina Bun

Using a sock bun hairstyle is an unconventional yet sophisticated look for dance recitals. Rescue your lost socks and use them to create a cute ballerina bun in her hair – this is also a great way to upcycle old clothing! This effortless hairdo exudes a casual street chic style for your daughter and can easily be worn daily without frequent upkeep or hassle.

High Pigtail

Girls of all ages appreciate a stylish, accessible, fuss-free hairstyle, such as a high pigtail with an adorable ribbon bow. Achieve this look is effortless; wear it regularly. Make an off-center partition using a rat tail comb, and gather all your hair into two pigtails using pom hair ties, creating two loose, casual buns that you can tease slightly while keeping casual with some pulled-down strands.

Side Ponytail with Fringe

A high-side ponytail with face-framing strands is a fashionable look for young children. Use a teasing comb to add volume, then secure with a decorative clip for optimal results. This stunning hairstyle makes any girl look great and is easy to style. Divide the hair into two thick sections, tucking them into high ponytails using elastics. Finally, wrap each ponytail with colorful pom pom hair ties for an additional splash of color and fun!

Kinky Bob

Girl’s kinky hairstyles can be an engaging way to express themselves. A classic bob haircut works well for most hair textures and lengths, while medium-kinky twists may benefit from a down style for medium kinks. This shoulder-length style keeps hair out of their face while showing off those stunning locks! Blonde hair can make for incredible kinky twists, as its bright shade brings out its texture and freshens its appearance. Marley’s hair in a blonde hue can provide the ideal finish.

Casual Layered Hairdo

Girly layered hair with side-swept bangs makes for an adorable casual look, making this style easy and comfortable with most clothing options. Create this eye-catching hairdo by curling medium-length wavy layered hair in random patterns to achieve this chic style. If you have long, wavy locks, try a messy layered bob haircut to add volume and texture. Its beautiful, uneven messiness will achieve an intimate, romantic style.


Cornrows offer many styling possibilities. For example, they can be woven into intricate braid designs for an eye-catching and unique look – this works particularly well when applied to textured hair. Keeping things straightforward? A classic straight-back cornrow style is always a timeless option that works great with bold makeup and accessories. If she likes edgier styles, try burgundy box braids as an eye-catching statement piece. Not only are they protective, but they also help create an eye-catching style statement!

Loose Waves with Floral Headband

This stylish hairdo will take her style up a notch! It features two petite half pigtails tied with colorful hair elastics and with the fringe falling across her forehead. Accessorize with an elaborate hair clip. Apply a generous amount of styling mousse on her locks to protect them from heat-induced damage. Start by plaiting her medium-length thick locks into a side French braid; once complete, gently comb through face-framing strands so they look neat.

Simple Braided Bun

This simple kid’s hairstyle could be perfect if your daughter enjoys wearing her hair in a braid. Not only does it add style and elegance to her ponytail look, but it also keeps it out of her eyes while playing! Use a rat-tail comb to divide her volume evenly, creating two equal pigtails you will braid into an inverted three-section braid. Curl her hair using a curling iron and secure it with a decorative add-on for an eye-catching and elegant hairstyle suitable for birthday parties, picnics, and weddings. This timeless hairstyle makes a statement at these events!