Cute Hairdos For Girls

From side braids and flower hairdos, these cute hairdos for girls will make them look adorable. All it takes to achieve these styles is consulting with a stylist and having her styled according to her face structure.

If your girl has thick luscious coils, a kinky bob hairdo could be ideal.

Create a center partition using a rat tail comb and apply styling mousse for added volume and shine.

Braided Buns

Box braids are an effective protective style to add style and keep her locks out of her face – which means she can play freely without fearing strands coming into contact with her eyes!

This cute and casual hairdo is ideal for your girl’s daily life as it adds an effortless street-chic aesthetic. Secure two thin micro braids with decorative hair elastics from each side before gently combing through face-framing fringes for an added feminine touch.

Sleek Curls

Your daughter can opt for cute yet versatile styles for her long hair – whether she has straight long locks or curly coils – that will keep it out of her face while playing or working.

Try gathering her face-framing strands together into an adorable top knot for kids as a casual style to keep it out of her way while she works or plays. This simple but stylish hairdo will also prevent any of her locks from coming loose while she works or plays!

Apply a generous layer of styling mousse on her strands to prevent heat damage. Next, separate her locks into thin sections and shape tight curls with a curling iron.

Loose Curls

This cute hairdo is ideal if your little girl has long, luscious wavy locks. This protective style keeps her hair away from her face, adding fun charm.

Use a rat tail comb to divide and separate her hair into two half pigtails, using colorful elastics as fasteners for each half pigtail. She brings out her princess vibe by dressing her up in long, flowing waves paired with a floral headband to emphasize her princess status.

Twisty Curls

Little girls with long, curly locks look stylish and elegant with a simple twisted updo that keeps their strands away from their faces and eyes. Actress Kerry Washington shows the way with graceful Senegalese twists decorated with gold accessories.

To achieve this look, part her hair down the center using a rat tail comb and gather both sides into high pigtails tied behind her head.

Long Layered Hairdo

Long-layered haircuts offer those with longer locks an option they might like, featuring straight bangs with long strands falling at the sides for an appealing style.

This stylish hairdo can be worn to any special event with ease. Create an off-center partition using a rat tail comb, and apply styling mousse to reduce heat-induced damage. Divide her hair into thin sections and use the curling wand to form tight ringlets with each section individually. Gently blow dry for an effortless, blown-out look before accessorizing with a large ribbon hair-tie!

Braided Side Braid

This fun side braid hairdo is ideal for summer. To elevate its style even further, pair it with floral headbands or other decorative add-ons for maximum flair.

Use the tail of a rat-tail comb to divide up your hair into sections, then form each into a high pigtail using hair elastics for secure holding. This hairstyle is ideal for daytime parties. Team it with an adorable white dress and beautiful accessories, and your little girl will look radiant!

Side Braided Curls

Hairdos with side braids are very fashionable and elegant. This look can be worn to special events and everyday use, creating an eye-catching style statement.

This stylish hairdo features two micro braids on either side of the head that meet at the back to form a half-tie at the back. Pair this look with an adorable white dress; she’ll look simply lovely.

Start by creating a center partition using the rat tail comb, then divide her hair into two pigtails using small hair elastics to secure them.

Princess Hairdo

Princesses require romantic and elegant hairstyles – and here is an example of such an opulent princess hairdo that meets these criteria.

This crown braid style is striking from all angles, featuring intricate and romantic details in the back, making it the ideal princess hairstyle for a formal event or even casual brunching. This style combines structured and undone textures, creating a sophisticated princess aesthetic. Perfect for long hair, this look can be further embellished with crowns or floral clips for an additional chicness.

High Pigtails

Fun and quirky hairdos that exude vibrancy on your little girl are the perfect way to add fun and charm. This adorable style allows her to play freely without fear of her hair getting in her eyes or face and interfering with playtime.

Using a rat tail comb, create a central partition and divide her hair into two equal sections. Collect one at her crown area and secure it into a high pigtail; repeat on both sides.