Easy Hairstyles For Layered Hair

With the proper simple hairstyles for layered hair, you can show off its defining shape without looking untidy. Consult your stylist about adding brow-skimming bangs and a deep side part for this timeless framing effect. This sleek style is ideal for women with naturally straight strands. Applying volumizing mousse will make strands appear fuller while giving movement and texture to smooth layers.

The Knot and Toss

This pretty style combines casual with sophisticated with surprising ease of execution, consisting of a double knot enhanced with some strategically placed bobby pins at its base. For a full tutorial on this elegant look, visit Birdie Shoots.

The Romantic and Chic Braided Updo

This romantic and chic braided updo is ideal for any summer wedding. Not only is it romantic and stylish, but it also keeps your hair off of your face during a full day of dancing! For step-by-step photo instructions, check out the Design Everyday blog.

The Dramatic Ponytail Twist

This lovely look is the ideal way to add drama and excitement to a classic ponytail. A more complex than your basic tuck and toss technique, you will twist individual strands of hair into a partial knot – you can find a full tutorial over at She Uncovered on how to achieve this style! You could also try this style with loose waves for an ultra-beachy vibe.

The Beachy Waves

Beach waves add a contemporary edge to longer hairstyles like the lob. Choppy bangs are currently trending, and, combined with beach waves; they create an effortlessly hip and edgy look suited for women in the middle age group. Start by braiding your strands into a regular three-strand braid near the crown to achieve the look without heat. Leave this overnight and gently undo it when waking up on your wedding day to create beautiful, soft waves perfect for wedding hairstyles. No matter the style you desire – be it a top knot, chic chignon, or half-up ponytail – beachy waves add an elegant and sophisticated look that you can incorporate easily into your daily eyes without appearing overstyled.

The Side Swept Wave

With the proper hair length, achieving romantic side-swept waves should be no problem. For this look, use a strong-hold hairspray such as L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin hairspray to secure your locks in place – for instance, L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin hairspray may work wonders! Get this glamorous look by applying thermal protectant spray and smoothing serum to damp locks, then using a one-inch curling iron to curl one-inch sections of hair. After completing this step, brush through and sweep any loose areas to the side using bobby pins, if necessary. Opt for a casual side-swept braid if you need more time to heat style your wavy locks. For example, if your shoulder-length hair is long enough, try creating a braided ponytail like Teyonah Parris has done with her shoulder-length locks – this style highlights your cheekbones and makes you look sultry but is quick and easy. When styling this style, it should stand out from other parts of your locks while also looking natural. For best results, create thick braids that stand out against all others while looking natural throughout your headspace – the key is creating wide enough braids so as not to stand out among others but loose enough so as not to look unnatural as possible compared to all others in terms of thickness in terms of appearance rather than consistency.

The Side Braid

Braids are timeless icons of classic beauty, and braids look incredibly gorgeous on layered hair. Braids help you achieve an adorable, feminine style ideal for bike rides in the park and picnics with friends. However, creating an appealing side braid may prove challenging when your shorter layers keep sticking out from under the braid and become an obstacle when braiding. To overcome this hurdle, try texturizing spray or dry shampoo to give your hair texture and grip so your shorter sections of strands stay in their proper positions as you braid. If your strands continue to poke out from under your braid, use bobby pins as you go along to secure them and prevent flyaways. Plus, this gives your braid a more polished finish! Add decorative snap clips or barrettes for an added splash of glitter!