5 Coiffed Hairstyles


Coifs are beautiful hairstyles that add sophistication and elegance, perfect for professional occasions or simply dressing up an ensemble for special events.

Croissant-Wrap Side Bun

This sophisticated croissant pastry-inspired hairstyle offers an elegant take on the low bun look. To achieve this sleek updo:

– Apply texture-enhancing pomade to your locks.

– Gather your locks into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and wrap it to create a croissant shape.

– Secure with bobby pins until secure.

– Optional: Use hairspray for extra hold.

Loose Side French Braid

The Loose Side French Braid is an eye-catching way to display long locks. To create a more intricate-looking braid:

– Instead of working in large sections, pick up small sections from both sides.

– Leave small amounts of each section unbraided at the end.

– Use a texturizing spray to prevent stiffness.

– Pin or leave loose any wisps that protrude for a cleaner finish.

Dutch Braided Side Bun

Dutch braids are an elegant style perfect for any event or special occasion. To create this style:

– Separate your hair into two sections and start braiding in Dutch braids.

– Cross strands under each other for a distinct look.

– Optional: Add colorful strands into each braid for an eye-catching twist.

Crimped Low Bun

Crimped hair adds volume to updos. For this chic low bun:

– Create a side-parted loose lob.

– Create two three-strand braids around your face and pin them at the crown.

– Add texture with crimping before gathering your hair into a low ponytail secured by bobby pins.