Easy Haircuts For Long Hair

Have you ever experienced leaving the salon with an impressive, beautiful haircut, only to come home and discover that when it’s time to wash and style your locks for the first time, they don’t match what was seen while sitting in the chair?

Long hair with layers creates movement and depth. Thinner locks appear fuller, while thicker ones receive a weight-lifting boost from this style.


V-shaped haircuts are a fantastic way to give long locks an added volume boost, with plenty of customization options for this cut! One method involves bumping out the ends, drawing attention to its unique V shape.

Add an eye-catching light ombre to your look for an eye-catching twist. This trending hue comes in many shades, from deep chocolate to soft caramel – ideal for women who want a change without going blonde!

This style is also perfect for those with straight hair who don’t wish to keep it down all the time, making styling easy with volumizing putties like L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty.

Deep “V” Cut

A resounding “V” cut looks beautiful with straight hair. This style is ideal for women with medium to thick locks who wish to appear stylish and sophisticated, particularly those sporting caramel balayage colors in their waves.

Add flair and volume to your layered cut by asking your stylist for a bumped end! This will draw more attention to your unique design while making your locks appear fuller.

Curly V haircuts are always trendy. Their long, wavy coils add a sense of glamour and elegance that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

If your mane is long enough, make the most of it by showing it off with this glamorous dark brown V haircut! Its striking chocolate-to-black ombre gradient effect makes an excellent statement about who you are as an individual. It is the ideal look for brunettes who dare to be different.

Layered Haircut

Layers make your hair easy to style while creating the illusion of fuller and lighter locks. They work exceptionally well for thick hair types by lifting their weight off each strand for more definition and movement.

Ask your stylist for long layers that begin a few inches above the ends. This style looks elegant with side-swept bangs or loose, face-framing fringe for an alluring, romantic style that works on all face shapes.

Avril Lavigne first made waves with her shaggy layered haircut, and it’s back in fashion today. Shaggy layers work with any hair color; blonde highlighted tresses create a beach babe effect ideal for long, wavy locks. Use balayage highlights on blonde layers to match your skin tone and add dimension.

Deep Side Part

Gen Z may favor center parts, but side-swept styles remain trendy. A deep side part can quickly add dramatic extra volume.

Kerastase stylist Matt Fugate recommends creating a more profound side part that extends about one-half inch further to the left than your natural division of hair, as this creates a more face-framing effect, especially when coupled with curtain bangs that taper toward your jawline for visual lengthening of the face.

Add an eye-catching twist with an extra dramatic flair by pairing your deep side part with an accessory such as a headband or clip-in ponytail, such as one featuring glitter or embellished barrettes with rhinestones or even simple, smooth barrettes with simple smooth barrettes with glittered barrettes! For maximum impact, add a headband or clip-in ponytail for an additional dose of glam – these accessories will add an instant dash of glam. They can even help show off hair jewels like barrettes adorned with glitter or glitter.

Asymmetrical Cut

Asymmetrical haircuts have quickly become one of the hottest trends in 2018, especially asymmetrical bobs that flatter all face shapes and hair textures. Combine yours with bold color choices like Charlotte Lawerence’s purple-to-blue ombre for an on-trend and chic look!

To achieve an asymmetrical cut, ask your stylist to trim your hair to pixie length while leaving one side longer. Also, add side-swept bangs for an impressive result.

Margot Robbie makes asymmetrical layers and long strands look effortlessly glamorous. To recreate her look, create beachy waves in your locks before misting them with a lightweight texturizing spray to play up their natural texture. Additionally, moisturizing conditioners should always be used after every wash when using color-treated products to maintain smooth strands.