Superman Hairstyles

Superman may be strong, but his hair doesn’t appear to share that strength. Although each strand can support heavy loads, Kryptonite can still damage its integrity.

Superman’s Curl

Superman’s iconic red and blue uniform has been part of our culture for decades. However, his elegant and sophisticated appearance is also integral to his recognition; one essential part is his signature curl.

How to Achieve Superman’s Curl

If you wish to replicate Superman’s hairstyle successfully, grow out your locks until they are 2 or 3 inches long so that it is easier to form them into his curl. Use pomade to create an effortless yet stylish look while holding onto coils all day.

Replicating Superman’s Hairstyle

Some actors have attempted to replicate iconic superhero styles with varying success. Tom Welling’s mullet in Smallville was not effective. At the same time, Dean Cain’s spit curl in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman brought back memories of earlier depictions by Christopher Reeve. Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman in Justice League has garnered attention for his unique take on the character. Recent set photos reveal more traditional versions of Superman, complete with his trademark curl.

Superman’s Long Hair

Superman’s hair is highly durable and robust – one strand has even been reported capable of bearing 1,000 pounds! His signature style involves long, straight locks that can be slicked back or worn casually. While his locks were previously depicted as light blue to indicate his Kryptonian heritage, they have become darker blue due to exposure to Kryptonite.

Superman’s Mullet Era

Superman once had a mullet in his youth due to a storyline involving a Kryptonian reanimation matrix. However, this style was eventually abandoned.

Henry Cavill’s Portrayal

Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman in the new DC movies has made him a household name worldwide. His natural style allows him to pull off numerous looks effortlessly, including the classic side-part haircut.

Superman’s Messy Hair

Superman’s superhuman strength enables him to transform an individual hair strand into one weighing 1,000 pounds. To cut his hair, he creates synthetic kryptonite scissors. His signature style features messy and wavy locks, which can be achieved with pomade.

Superman’s Short Hair

Superman’s short locks reflect his rugged masculinity. Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman in movie adaptations showcases short locks combed back and styled neatly. He also sports an impressive mustache to enhance his image.