Easy Hair Up Ideas

Are you in search of cute and easy updo ideas? Look no further – we have plenty of gorgeous updos that will have you looking like an absolute knockout for formal events, romantic dates, or just everyday city adventures!

1. Fishtail Braid

Suppose you like the idea of fishtail braiding but need more time to attempt it; incorporate its techniques into a chignon or at-home updo. Part a small pencil-sized section from one half and cross it onto its opposite side. Repeat on the opposite side, taking smaller slivers each time. This will create more fishtail-inspired results.

2. Half Up Braid

Half-up hairstyles are an effective way to keep your locks out of your face while hiding oily roots without looking too elaborate. These stylish options allow your locks to fall freely down without getting in your front and create a sleek and professional look that keeps all eyes focused on you. Combine this look with an embellished clip or decorative comb to add extra shimmer, and mist your locks lightly with hairspray for extra grip and hold.

3. Halo Braid

Halo braids (crown braids) add an elegant and sophisticated vibe to any look, perfect for summer beach days or formal events! This versatile updo looks wonderful on everyone! While most people opt for this advanced braid style on blonde locks, it also works beautifully on different hair hues.

4. Curled and Styled Halo Braid

The halo braid is an elegant hair trend that adds sophistication to any look. Wear it to casual concerts or formal black-tie events, and it will surely turn heads! Crown braids may seem intimidating initially, but they’re easy to learn and master. Begin with a side part and divide three equal-sized strands; wrap these around your head using hair pins to secure them.

5. Glamorous Halo Braid

Try the romantic and glamorous halo braid hairstyle seen on fashion runways for an angelic appearance that makes this perfect for formal events such as weddings. This look makes an elegant impression at weddings or other standard functions. Start your Dutch braid just above one ear, picking up more hair as you go around to create the halo effect. This style requires texture and volume in your locks; therefore, liberally tease before beginning this hairstyle.

6. Chignon Bun

A romantic chignon bun adds an air of romance to any look. To achieve it, curl your hair and leave some loose pieces around your forehead to frame its frame. This simple updo is perfect for weddings, formal events, and parties – ensure enough bobby pins to secure it and use a strong-hold hairspray like TONI