Easy Elegant Hairstyles

Are You Attending a Formal Event?

These beautiful yet simple hairstyles will have you looking chic without breaking a sweat.

Make an impressionful statement with a high ponytail that frames your face and is incredibly flattering for straighter textures. This chic style works for all hair textures but particularly well with straighter locks.

If you have thin hair, this style will help keep it out of your face while adding volume. Perfect for weddings or just when looking more sophisticated. Curled hair adds an eye-catching texture to any updo. Use a curl-enhancing product for an effortlessly charming style that looks cute from all directions – both front and back!

A three-bun hairdo can create a romantic yet sophisticated look, perfect for day or formal events. Accessorizing it with pearl hairpins will add even more romance!

If you want an elegant hairstyle that’s easy to maintain, try the French braid. Divide a section from your crown into three equal sections and braid. When crossing one area over to the center again, work in some new hair as detail and add extra dimension and detail – this adds an element and makes the braid appear more intricate!

If your hair is too long to pull back into a classic ponytail, create an unforgettable style by tying your ponytail into a braided Gibson tuck. Although this style requires you to tuck the hair tie underneath its strands for optimal effect, the result will certainly make a statement!

Explicitly designed to make thin hair shine, this beautiful updo will bring out its elegance. Use a volumizing spray to shape this style; JamieLynn DeSimone recommends teasing face-framing strands around your face for added drama and elegance.

Casual yet elegant, this twisted updo looks fabulous paired with a shift dress, a cashmere sweater, and a midi skirt. Add decorative hair clips for an easy yet sophisticated look.

Give yourself an unforgettable look with this black wavy updo for a unique and enjoyable style! Texturize your hair before twisting and folding it randomly while securing each section with bobby pins in various spots on the head to form a large updo at the back.

Make an impressionful statement with an updo that exudes romantic Princess charm by pinning a small bow at the crown of your head and creating an eye-catching updo that oozes romance! This style looks particularly lovely on those with medium to long tresses.

Get this timeless low chignon for a formal event to turn heads! With just the right styling products in your arsenal, this gorgeous look is simple and sure to leave an impressionable impression.

This sophisticated style involves tying two equal sections of hair together at the back of your head and wrapping them around each other, following She Uncovered’s steps for creating this beautiful bow and braided chignon.

An effortless French twist can look beautiful when worn with an elegant dress. To achieve this stylish look, brush your hair to create a rough parting before gathering your smoothed locks into a low ponytail with a twist and adding hairpins throughout for extra security.

Scrunch your strands using salt spray and pomade for texture, then secure them with bobby pins and hairspray for the final touch. This classic updo may appear complicated, but it is very straightforward – perfect for making an impression at any event! This elegant twist updo boasts effortless grace while featuring a wavy texture – setting itself apart from other standard updos.

When time is short, and you need to get out the door quickly, this chic style will do just the trick. A messy bun with loose tendrils hanging down will give a professional yet feminine appearance.

With bobby pins and hair spray, you can effortlessly sculpt a low bun that shows off your earrings in style. Pull out some pieces for added texture around your face for dimension and dimension.

Feel confident for any special event when you wear this elegant style. Riva La Diva provides an easy tutorial on creating this braided updo that would look perfect at any wedding ceremony or other formal gathering.