Effortless Curls For Long Hair

Voluminous curls look incredible on all hair colors, textures, and lengths – you need the appropriate products and a few easy techniques to achieve them at home. Good Housekeeping Institute, Beauty Lab experts suggest using a texturizing spray with heat protection and hold to lock down each strand to extend their wear throughout the day.

For an effortlessly glamorous look without using curling tongs, try braiding your hair with tight and loose curly strands in a braid to achieve a wavy finish – ideal for special events! This style provides excellent protection for natural afro textures while still allowing growth. If you have Fulani braids, add curls to the ends for an eye-catching and dynamic finish that also increases the versatility of this hairstyle. This will bring life and depth to your look while creating something unique.

Try the twist-and-curl style if your natural curly locks have frizz and flyaways that cause headaches. Separate your locks into multiple sections and twist each section around a curling wand for tight spiral curls – larger or smaller twists can be experimented with to see which works best with your look. Finally, use hairspray for added hold to finish this look! This look is ideal for anyone seeking an effortless textured style without heat styling. Complete it with a deep side part and some hairspray!

Unlock a chic yet lived-in look with this beachy hairstyle from YouTuber Weylie Hoang that looks even better when your strands are slightly messy. She recommends spraying frizz-fighting spray on dry hair before curling each section vertically with a 1-inch barrel curling wand, leaving two inches of the ends uncurled for a natural-looking finish. Finish the style with a light-hold hairspray and sea salt wave spray to lock it all into place. Start rocking this trendsetting beachy wave look without heat with this easy hack involving a white tube sock! Just cut off its toes, roll it around damp hair, sleep with it, undo it when you wake up, and unroll it for stunning loose waves with cool-babe vibes!

A high half-up hairstyle showcases your beautiful curls while keeping the top half out of your face, perfect for any formal event or social gathering. Be it casual or elegant, this look is sure to grab people’s attention and leave a lasting impression. Tie your hair into a half-up ponytail, then use a texturizing spray to give your curls some definition and create dynamic texture at the crown and mid-lengths/ends of your locks. The result will provide plenty of volume at both crown and mid-lengths/ends of locks for an eye-catching, dynamic, textured look that showcases movement throughout. Create beachy curls effortlessly overnight by wrapping sections of hair around straws secured with bobby pins before bedtime and removing them in the morning to reveal beautiful, wavy waves.

Whether growing out bangs or simply seeking something different, a deep side part is an eye-catching and timeless option that will add structure and balance to any face shape. Perfect for making you stand out, a deep side part accentuates features like chiseled noses, gorgeous eyes, and full lips as it focuses on them, all while creating structure in the form of balance in facial features like noses. This style works beautifully on almost all face shapes and is particularly suitable for heart-shaped ones. Additionally, it elongates oblong or rectangular faces by moving away from their centers of mass. Mid-length hair makes this style especially well-suited to framing your face while skimming shoulders; plus, you can add face-framing layers for even greater definition!

Messy half-up styles are currently one of the hottest hair trends, making for an effective way to showcase your curls. Create a deep side part and pull one side over your shoulder for an elegant fairytale-esque style that complements any outfit perfectly. Use bobby pins to lift some strands for an effortless and unique style that no one else has! If you want a manner that will get attention at prom, try this wavy beach-inspired look with curtain bangs. Curl your hair using a wand before spraying with a firm-hold hairspray. Finally, secure it into a criss-cross pattern using bobby pins to achieve an outstanding updo.

Long curtain bangs add fullness to any hair texture, whether straight or curly. Paired with bright hues for an eye-catching style that frames the face. This look is ideal for anyone wanting to try at a fringe without investing too much time and energy in creating it. Make sure to spritz texturizing products onto your locks before curling so your style will hold for several hours after styling it! This seductive style will draw admiring stares. Perfect for casual outings with friends!