How to Style Curly Hair Me

Curly hair may require more care and attention than other textures, but it can become stunningly beautiful with proper techniques and products, Be sure to speak to your barber or stylist about which curl products best suit your texture. Assessing your curl type requires looking at it when wet, enabling you to understand how much movement exists between each set of curls.

Mid-Curly Skin Fade

Curly locks need extra TLC than other forms of waves when it comes to styling and placement, especially as mishandled curls may tear off and break apart – to protect their delicate nature, be sure to visit a barber or stylist who specializes in working with curly strands. An edgy style can be achieved with a mid-curly skin fade and thick natural curls. The higher cut creates an arc across the side and neck area while leaving enough space for long curly tops to grow into square shapes. Use plenty of volumizing products to lift curls while emphasizing their tangled texture for an eye-catching style.

The low burst fade is a versatile haircut concept that allows you to quickly and effortlessly align curls and the lower region of your hairline. You can opt for more minimal approaches by glazing up frontal hair or adding shaved notches on either side for an enhanced look.

Thick Curly Top

Curly hair can add volume but can also be tricky to manage. One solution for keeping it under control is adding a low taper cut which creates a crop around your head – this style allows the tangled coils on top to take center stage with their visual texture. Just be sure that you use enough texturizing products so they remain healthy!

Your hairdresser or barber can create an eye-catching design in your curly strands with this technique, from simple lines to complex patterns. This textured look of shaved designs adds bold contrast against curly locks, further emphasizing their curly texture with color options available to them.

No matter the popular belief, trimming your curls won’t cause them to grow faster; instead, it will help keep them healthy and prevent split ends that can take away inches from their precious locks.

Long Curly Bob

Long curly bobs are ideal for women who wish to show off the texture in their locks, as this flattering haircut looks terrific on oval face shapes. Wear with or without fringe for maximum impact, or add short face-framing layers into this shaggy textured bob for more structure that emphasizes the volume of curls.

Upgrade your long curly bob with caramel highlights that accentuate the depth of your curls for an overall glow. Or try opting for dark ombre colors if you want an additional dose of sexiness and glamour!

A long wavy curly bob is the height of femininity. With minimal upkeep required and easy management options available to wearers, this low-maintenance style can be worn in numerous updos or ponytails. When opting for this protective style, make sure to use shampoo without sulfates as well as deep conditioning regularly for maximum results.

Textured Curls with Undercut and Fringe

Curly hair can look exceptionally texturized and rugged when cut correctly, as this cut does. It defines your curls and gives them fullness and beautiful shapes – ideal if you want extra volume for bolder looks!

This bob is charming and makes the most of curly locks as its layers create more visual volume. Furthermore, its movement adds lots of drama while its side part draws attention directly toward your face for an eye-catching appearance.

This pixie cut combines girl-next-door chic with rock-star flair. The top is styled with shoulder-grazing curls, while sides and back have been cut into a taper fade for a stylish contrast. Shaved sides emphasize curly fringe giving this style its unique style, while curls on top can be styled even further using texturizing spray for a bolder appearance.