Easy Black Braided Hairstyles

No matter your haircare goals or aesthetic preferences, there’s sure to be a black braided hairstyle suitable for you! Be sure to treat it well so it stays healthy and robust.

Cornrows and Pigtails

For special events or everyday use, this chic style features cornrows with decorative gold cuffs for an eye-catching updo that looks fantastic with any attire and can even be worn as part of everyday looks. Try this fun and flirty hairstyle for short to medium-length hair. Alternating large cornrows with some smaller ones creates an eye-catching pattern. Add flair by adding hair accessories or braiding in some colored extensions.

Cornrows on One Side

Cornrows are an effective protective style for natural hair that also looks fashionable. Just be mindful not to braid them too tightly, as this could damage both your scalp and locks. Try a milkmaid style with two side accent cornrows to frame and draw attention to your eyes. Add bold touches like gold cuffs and beads with gold beads cufflinks as accent pieces for this style, keeping your cornrows moisturized using a leave-in conditioner to avoid dryness and breakage.

Cornrows on Both Sides

Kids love this stylish yet playful style, where beads add shine, and the rest of the hair falls free for an unfussy finish. It is especially perfect for girls with natural hair who use leave-in conditioner spray or children’s hair oil to maintain moisture and prevent dry scalps. Jumbo cornrows are an attractive and eye-catching hairstyle, ideal for thick or long locks or extensions. This bold look stands out even more when styled into a beautiful low bun.

Cornrows with Curls

Cornrows are protective and low-maintenance styles that can easily be styled into numerous striking looks. Their intricate pattern and curly texture create an eye-catching appearance for feminine charm. Long jumbo box braids can make an eye-catching statement when worn with brightly-hued locks, drawing attention and receiving compliments everywhere you go. This look is the perfect way to showcase your locks and get compliments all around! Add an airy feel with loose and voluminous front half hair, leaving it open for an effortless boho style.

Cornrows with Metal Rings

Beaded bracelets and braid rings make for stylish accessories to add flair to her braids – the style will work great with her favorite colors! Your daughter can wear this elegant protective braid style to any special event – it will draw lots of attention to her! Add some sparkle with rhinestones or luxe pearl clusters for added drama – and she’ll feel like an actual princess!

Cornrows with Gold Bobby Pins

Gold bobby pins add an elegant touch to your daughter’s cornrow braids and can even last up to a month with proper care. Add beads, bows, or hair rings as accessories to complete her look! This stunning high-braided ponytail combines cornrows and Marley twists in one elegant style. You can customize this look further with decorative bobby pins such as crystals/rhinestones/modern metals/cute words/vintage pearls for an eye-catching finish.

Cornrows with Elastics at the Nape of the Neck

Braids protect hair from damage while offering many styling possibilities, like this combination of curvy cornrows with one-point burst rows to form an original mohawk design. When braiding natural hair, ensure you detangle as you go for an optimal outcome. Use either leave-in conditioner sprays or water and natural hair oil mixtures as tools for detangling without breakage.

Cornrows with Intricate Braids

Cornrows look beautiful, but if you want to elevate their beauty even further, try creating intricate braid designs. Ghana braids offer style and protection in one package, perfect for special events or casual wear. Braiding Fulani braids may take longer, but the results will undoubtedly impress. This stunning look combines cornrows with Fulani braids, which wrap around the back of your head for an eye-catching hairstyle that will impress everyone who sees it!