caucasian 3a curly hair

Women with 3a hair can take advantage of the versatility and bouncy texture this type of hair can provide. With the right care, you can have voluminous and bouncy locks without any fuss. Use a Deva Cut technique for the perfect shape, and avoid tangles with the Plop Method. This method requires you to condition and scrunch your curls before applying any styling products.

While most women with Caucasian 3A curly hair have well-groomed, bouncy curls, this does not mean that they cannot achieve a more voluminous style. In fact, this type of  is often prone to buildup and frizz, so it is important to use a heat protectant to keep that from drying out. Unlike other types of hair, this texture requires moisturizing and regular maintenance to maintain its healthy appearance.

Curls with a 3A texture are compact corkscrews that range from straw to pencil-thin. They are tightly packed and provide plenty of natural volume, but are prone to frizziness. Your best bet is to find a cleansing shampoo that’s free of sulfates. The Oyin Handmade Ginger Mint Co-Wash, for instance, won’t strip your curls of moisture, and it will also leave that looking shiny.