Caucasian 3A Curly Hair

3A curly hair features loose spirals and is one of the most accessible types to style. However, it may become flat over time, requiring products that nourish its curls to keep them full and voluminous.

Differentiating 3A curls from their tighter cousins 3b and 3c can be challenging, but specific vital differences make them easy to spot.

Loose Curls 3a hair is distinguished by loose, large spiral curls beginning at the crown that appear wavy when wet, while being less voluminous than other curly types and often vulnerable to frizz, dryness, and puffiness. Using sulfate-free shampoo and prioritizing lightweight hydration is crucial in caring for this hair type. Avoiding hair products containing sulfates and parabens that dry out strands is advised; alternatively, washing twice or thrice weekly allows natural oils from your scalp to nourish strands more effectively. Mielle Organics Babassu