A pixie Haircut

A pixie cut is a short style for women, in which  is cropped near the face and scalp. It’s a fairly simple cut, but isn’t easy to care for, which is why so many women can simply “wax and wear” a pixie cut every day. You can find a pixie cut for almost every hair color or skin tone, although blondes tend to look their best in a pixie cut that’s cut with layers. Pixie haircuts are so popular because they’re simple, cute, stylish, and easy to care for – they’re a great solution for those who are a little short on time!

Top hair Cut Ideas For This Year

A pixie haircut is a trendy haircut option for both women and men, for all occasions. Short haircuts are always chic, feminine, and very stylish, there is no doubt about this. That is why many hairstylists have come up with a list of the top pixie haircut ideas for this year. To up it up a notch you could add some striking neon streaks, subtle reds, or even some classic pixie blondes. The key is to find the perfect look for your face, and I would recommend having a hair stylist redo your pixie haircut at least twice a year if not more.

A Pixie Hair Cut is a Great Alternative Hair Cut!

A pixie haircut, also called an Edgar hair cut, is a really cute short haircut usually just on the sides of your head and short in the back and side of your head. It’s a great variation of a classic crop. The name comes from the old fairy tale story about a pixie who was able to turn people into birds by extending her hair. This is a fun and cute haircut that will look great with anything, including curls, straight hair, wavy hair, or even those that have a lot of body to them.

If you want to look cute and beautiful this autumn, consider a pixie haircut. This type of hair cut is appropriate for women with straight hair or women with wavy hair. It can be shaped into a classic “halo” or in a more edgy style by using side swept bangs or a modern “v” shape. A pixie cut is a cute short haircut usually only on the sides and back of your head and slightly longer on top and shorter bangs. It is a smaller variation of a traditional crop cut.