Growing Dreadlocks

What is a dreadlock?

Dreadlocks are sections of hair that have been matted and twisted to form rope-like strands. Some people create their dreadlocks naturally over time, while others prefer professional salon methods for longer-lasting and healthier locks.

How to make dreads

Several methods exist to make dreadlocks, including manipulative techniques and allowing the locks to form naturally over a few weeks. The most common process involves palm rolling small box braids. This technique is straightforward and requires minimal upkeep. It is essential to use a shampoo specifically for dreadlocks before starting the process, and regular maintenance with dread wax is recommended for tightening new growth and giving them a matte finish.

How to care for dreads

Proper care is vital for healthy dreadlocks. Regular washing with residue-free shampoo or bar soap, moisturizing with Knatty Dread Cream, and palm rolling to maintain shape and prevent breakage are essential. Re-twisting dreads after each wash may be necessary for some, while others find it unnecessary. Consulting an experienced dreadlock artist for professional maintenance is recommended.

How to maintain dreads

Maintaining healthy dreadlocks is crucial for their growth. Twisting the hair to prevent untangling and using dread wax to tighten new development at the roots are essential steps. Using residue-free shampoo during washing prevents oiliness and stiffness. Wearing a dread cover or scarf to protect them from debris is also recommended. Dread wax and Knatty Dread Cream can be used regularly for moisturization and tightening.