How to Create Sleek Wedding Hairstyles

If you have naturally curly locks, consider styling your tresses into an elegant updo like Blake Lively has done on her big day. This look can even double up as an attractive hairpiece!

Brides with bone straight locks might consider creating Joan Smalls’ iconic look and wearing their locks in a sleek ponytail, inspired by Joan. It will undoubtedly leave guests impressed.


No matter your hairstyle preference, there are various ways to create a stunning half-up wedding hairstyle. Pinning it at the back of your head features curls and waves cascading down each side for an exquisite romantic look that makes an entrance. Use flexible hold hairspray such as got2b Volumaniac to secure its shape.

Even brides with straight hair can effortlessly achieve an elegant half-up style for formal events, thanks to Marie Robinson Salon’s voluminous half-up. This style features some height on top with loose strands adorning the face – adding discreet bobby pins can elevate this look without competing with expensive bridal jewelry!


For an effortless, stylish look that’s easy to style, opt for a half up half down hairstyle. Not only will it frame your face perfectly but its easy style also accentuates beautiful waves or curls for extra texture – not forgetting an attractive ombre shade too!

Long-haired women can experiment with two styles for a chic, boho vibe: loose braided half up look or slightly messy romantic version with delicate flowers and twisted halo – these looks make an impactful statement in spring or summer weddings! Your stylist can even offer to pin your strands and add some floral bobby pins for extra flair.

Fishtail Braid

Once you master this technique, fishtail braids can add flair to almost any style. To begin, flat-twist your hair into a high ponytail and separate into two even sections before tightening fishtail-braiding each of these. Remember: Pull small pieces from outside each section over into its opposite half when braiding tight fishtail braids for best results!

Make this look wedding-ready by tucking each braid under another and securing with clear elastic (such as BLAX Clean Snag-Free hair Elastics ($6)). Gently tug on each braid to fatten it up as needed; this elegant look would look stunning with a veil or other accessories on the wedding day!


If you want to look glamorous on your wedding day but prefer being more low-key in everyday life, a sleek lob may be just what’s needed to achieve this effect. Perfect for straight or wavy hair types alike, this bridal style adds volume and romance with its loose side tendrils for added effect.

At your trial, be sure to take plenty of photos from all angles and create a Pinterest board detailing which looks you like best so your stylist can find out which styles will make you feel most at ease on your wedding day. That way, all that remains for you to worry about on that special day is arriving looking your best!


As far as classic wedding hairstyles go, structured chignons remain unrivaled. Even if your locks don’t reach bun length, adding loose tendrils around your neck is an easy way to add dimension and soften this timeless style.

Add some sparkle and dazzle with real or faux flowers by accessorizing a low bun with real or faux blooms tucked into its crown updo, like this stunning beauty did for her special occasion.

Add an elegant finishing touch to your wedding hairstyle by incorporating luxurious details such as pearls or rhinestones into the style, like this bride did, tucking them into her chignon and spraying a light coating of hairspray for good measure.