DIY Shoulder Length Haircut

An elegant shoulder-length haircut featuring texturized pieces gives a casual, contemporary vibe. Pair your new hairstyle with an untidy bun for added drama!

Ask your stylist to style your layered cut with beach waves for added texture and to complement your face shape. This cut will also look great against light skin tones!

Shaggy Shag

A shag haircut is one of the most versatile styles, as it works with all hair textures. Its layers can even provide fullness if appropriately feathered for those with finer locks.

Opt for light wedge cuts with face-framing side bangs for an eye-catching shag that emphasizes your jawline, like Kaley Cuoco’s. This will draw focus to the lower part of your face while making it appear slimmer.

Kate Bosworth demonstrates how beautiful layered shags can look on curly locks. To achieve this look, mist on some volumizing mousse before either air drying your locks naturally or blow drying with a diffuser loosely.

For a stylish shag with a modern edge, take inspiration from Joan Jett. Her look features short layers that taper to chin-length and are finished with choppy baby bangs – an ideal style if you don’t mind spending 15 minutes or less styling your hair each morning!

Choppy Blonde Bob

The choppy bob is an updated take on the classic short bob, adding plenty of movement and texture. Add waves for a fun beachy style or opt for straight locks for a chic pulled-back style; with balayage or highlights, you can add subtle color accents for an age-appropriate manner that’s easy to maintain.

Choppy blonde bobs are ideal for women to showcase their hair color, particularly with the new nonchalant root fade trend. Dark roots stand out boldly against blonde layers in this layered bob style that can be styled either center or side parted for an eye-catching peek-a-boo fringe.

Kristen Bell’s choppy bob is an effortless nod to everyone’s favorite ’90s haircut, featuring soft yet natural waves that frame her face. If this style speaks to you, request that your stylist creates a similar texture in your choppy bob cut by layering up steeply-angled layers in such a way as to remain both subtle and stylish.

Textured Layers

For an unassuming yet natural appearance, opt for textured layers. This technique involves cutting your hair at different angles to create layers without changing its length, giving your locks soft rounded shapes with fullness that frame your face beautifully. Baby bangs may also add additional framing effects.

This hairstyle is ideal for those with naturally wavy or curly locks who find them easy to manage and want something simple that keeps their locks healthy all year. Medium to long-length waves work best for this look.

Kristen Stewart has long been known for her penchant for sporting layered haircuts. From Bella in Twilight to this shoulder-length layered cut with either middle or side parts – you can even pull it up into a ponytail for that glamorous pin-up look!


Donning a braid can add the perfect finishing touch to any look – it gives texture and glamour!

This hairstyle requires metallic bobby pins in gold or silver for contrast against your dark locks. Begin by creating a center part and dividing your hair into three equal sections; braid these sections by flipping one left area over and then the right over before repeating this process until reaching the ends of your locks.

Layered styles work particularly well on thick hair because they add movement and volume to each strand, while one-length, blunt cuts can still look flattering with light layers added by your stylist. One way of accomplishing this would be to request a layered bob with longer pieces near the base that frame your face.