DIY Hairstyles For Natural Hair

A cute braided halo could provide protection and style if your daughter has short natural hair that’s difficult to style into a ponytail or bun. This style allows her hair to remain out of her face while emphasizing facial features.

Faux Locs

Faux locs are a protective hairstyle designed for black women with medium-length natural hair that can be customized with beads to add visual interest and depth. Teyonah Parris made sure her eye-catching style was noticed at an event when she wore it!

Chunky Twist Braids

Similar to Senegalese, Marley, and Havana twists, this style uses thin cornrows with large-sized twists for a unique appearance. More delicate strands around the forehead can be pulled back for the face-framing effect appropriate for casual and formal events.

Asymmetrical Cornrows

Cornrows are an elegant way to show off your textured strands. Not only are they stylish, but they also offer excellent protection for your locks. Cornrows can be worn in numerous styles, from braided top knots and ponytails with twists around them to zig-zag patterns of small cornrows that create a sophisticated look and are easy to maintain – perfect for busy women!

Nape-to-Forehead Braided Updo

Whether you want to elevate your pigtails or add cultural flare to your bun, this braided updo will indeed please. From adding space knots and beads to keeping things simple with just one or two big chunky braids at the front with loose afro curls flowing behind – this look has something for every occasion! Thinner hair requires volume and texture to secure an updo, so tease the center section before twisting and pinning it into place for an elegant yet casual nighttime or wedding day look. This style makes an impressionful statement.

Two Knotted Cornrows with Beaded Cornrows

Add an eye-catching flair to your cornrows by embellishing them with shiny braid beads for an exciting visual edge! This idea takes the classic center-parting style cornrows out of their comfort zone while simultaneously framing your face beautifully. Fulani and cornrow braids are two ethnic styles with modernized variations to make them more feminine, creating an eye-catching girly look perfect for day trips or fancy dinners with your girlfriends. When combined, this look will surely turn heads and stand out.

Chin-Length Bob with Peek-a-Boo Bangs

Consider opting for a chin-length inverted bob with thick side bangs for an elegant, feminine style. This adorable gamine cut suits those with medium to thick locks, allowing them to play around with color by adding thin highlights. Blunt chin-length bobs are perfect for heart or oval face shapes and look sexy with peek-a-boo hair highlights. This adorable style softens its angular lines for an elegant finish while simultaneously slimming down more extended facial structures and hiding foreheads for a youthful effect.

Braided Bun

There are few protective styles with high-fashion flair comparedcompared with the braided bun. Ideal for cocktail parties or girls’ nights out, its stunning appearance guarantees it will leave an impressionful impression. This gorgeous braided bun, styled high on the head and featuring astonishing cord patterns in vibrant blue color, is breathtaking! Recreate this look or switch up shades for your beautiful braided hair idea – especially when worn against ombre or balayage hair colors!

Cornrows with Ringlets

With its bright splash of color and medium-sized box braids bundled together in an adorable short ponytail, this braided style is both attractive and practical. This cornrow design shows off more skin than most yet remains very flattering. This creative piece can add extra interest and texture to your cornrows. This stunning Nubian hairstyle is both exotic and elegant. Perfect for special events and outfits alike, its angled flat twists form a low chignon bun to tuck away and protect ends from environmental stresses.

Cornrows with Braids

Cornrows are an easy, self-sufficient hairstyle, but they become even more beautiful when decorated with beads or jewelry. This style, known as Clap Cornrows, invokes traditional African hairstyles while looking fresh, cute, and feminine. Take inspiration from Lupita Nyong’o and adorn your cornrows with beads in an eye-catching asymmetrical pattern for an eye-catching braided look that’s elegant and sophisticated, perfect for red-carpet events or weddings. Although this requires time and patience, the result will make an impressionful statement about you!