DIY Hairstyles For Women – How to Layer Your Hair, Cut Bangs, and More

Cut your own hair at home may sound risky, but with some helpful advice it can actually be quite straightforward. Check out handpicked video tutorials to learn how to layer and cut bangs as well as many other hair styling techniques.

Before beginning cutting, it is a good idea to wet your hair first – this will make the task simpler and will result in a more accurate haircut.


Layers add lots of texture to any haircut and are universally flattering, whether or not you have facial features to show off. They’re especially beneficial in framing cheekbones beautifully while simultaneously adding volume if you opt for a pixie cut or bob.

Pick Up Limes offers this YouTube tutorial on creating layers at home using their signature technique of spritzing her hair before combing to ensure even dampness before beginning work in small sections, pinning each section down with hair elastics. She recommends starting from the back and working your way around while always holding onto previous sections for reference when cutting.

Point cutting (i.e. making ends appear softer through vertical “pie slices,” also referred to as beach ball sections) is another technique which helps your layers appear more natural without dramatic peaks and valleys.


If you don’t want a full fringe but need something a bit different than what your current snips offer, consider wispy bangs as an alternative to your current style. Wispy bangs feature straight cuts across your forehead without layers; similar to Jane Birkin or Kerry Washington. Or if you want something delicate such as Zooey Deschanel or Rita Moreno have done. Use texturizing spray to add volume while maintaining an authentic appearance.

Side swept bangs can work wonders for round, square, diamond and oval-shaped faces alike and draw attention to your cheekbones and jawline. To achieve this style, first create a triangle at the centre of your head before brushing all hair in front of that point towards both sides of your face. Pin back any excess locks for easier management before using your fingers to fold upward the base of the triangle before cutting for a feathered effect.


At any DIY hair tutorial, it’s likely you’ll see women pulling up their locks into bobbles to cut layers into their own hair – this method of layering allows curls to remain intact without getting cut blunt or choppy. To achieve this look, scrape your locks into a ponytail (or half ponytail) and comb underneath each bobble before cutting straight across with scissors or clippers into long layers that work for all lengths – from lob cuts and bob haircuts through to mermaid locks!

The Unicorn Cut

The unicorn cut is an increasingly popular DIY haircut among wavy and curly communities. It is an easy, quick method of cutting your hair that creates beautiful face framing layers with minimal effort. Simply brush through your mane until tangle-free before gathering up into a high ponytail at the center of your forehead (channel your inner unicorn!).

Once you are ready to begin cutting, use a hair tie that secures enough but not so tight that it hurts or causes bumps. Repeat the process until all sections have been created as desired.

This technique works best with straight hair, though wavy or curly strands can also be worked with using a spray bottle to dampen them before tying up. Just be mindful to move carefully during the process; any wrong move could cause irreparable damage!