Mens Haircuts Long on Top

Mens haircuts that feature long hair on top can be styled in different ways, such as a textured quiff or slicked back look. To achieve this style, apply a small amount of pomade on damp hair and brush it forward. This style is great for showcasing thick wavy locks.

High Fade with Medium Length Hair on Top

This trendy haircut for men involves a high fade on the sides and a longer top section, allowing for more volume and styling options. It looks especially stylish when styled as a pompadour or a textured quiff. This look works well in professional settings and can make a bold statement.

Short Fade with Medium Length hair on Top

A short fade haircut is a sleek option for maintaining longer locks. It works for both afros and straight hair, giving off a carefree and professional vibe. For a sophisticated touch, try a classic pompadour or add a drop fade with a side part. This style can be slicked back for a polished look or worn with a beard for a rugged finish.

Long Fade with Medium Length Hair on Top

Long fades with medium length hair on top are ideal for men with thick or curly hair. Layered haircuts help thin out thicker locks, while the middle part gives a casual vibe suitable for both casual and formal settings. This style can be slicked back or styled into upward spikes. It’s a flattering choice for square or oval-shaped faces and works well for any hair length on top.

Medium Length Fade with Medium Length hair on Top

Medium skin fades are a sleek and professional option that pairs well with most hairstyles. This style features a curved temple line and a shaved side part, creating a modern look suitable for any occasion. A wavy pompadour or a taper fade with a hard part are two variations of this classic men’s hairstyle. They add both groomed and rugged masculinity and work best for guys with thicker locks who want a cleaner and more refined appearance.