DIY Boy Haircut With Clippers

Cutting your boy’s hair yourself with clippers can be an empowering and cost-cutting endeavor and save lots of money compared to paying for regular salon haircuts. Even if it does not go perfectly, cutting at home will save time and money compared to regular visits for appointments at a barber shop or salon.

Boys with short to medium-length hair may consider this haircut option for short to medium-length locks, as it aims to blend different lengths and reduce any visible lines between short and longer areas of hair.

Start With the Top

Start by lightly wetting the top of your boy’s hair using a spray bottle, be it a buzz cut or a longer haircut. Use fingers from your non-dominant hand to lift and determine the desired length with fingers from your dominant hand. Lift the hair above the head and set the desired size. Then, comb downwards before cutting on both sides. This process should become your guide throughout the rest of your haircut process.

When cutting layers in long boy hair, comb through and trim the tips for an even appearance if you want a choppy effect, thin hair in slanted lines using thinning shears for added texture.

As you progress down toward your ears and neckline, fold back any excess hair near an ear before using scissors to cut around it. This will give the appearance of professional trimming while simultaneously cleaning up any uneven spots or knots that have formed.

The Sides

The fade cut with two parallel lines on its side patterns is bold and eye-catching yet requires some upkeep for proper maintenance. Perfect for boys looking to make a statement and show their unique personalities, it also works great with longer hair as it complements many different styles and works well with products like pomade or wax.

If your boy prefers more subtle yet stylish cuts, consider opting for a short crop fade with a neatly combed top. This modern and trendy haircut will help him look put-together while remaining adaptable and easy to style.

To achieve this look, start with a 2 attachment of your clippers and shave down to approximately an inch above the ears. From there, blend long and short layers together as you work your way upward. When finished with this process on the sides and back, use a comb and scissors to smooth any remaining loose hairs before finishing with any necessary scissor trims or smoothing techniques.

The Back

A buzz cut can be quick and simple to style but sometimes appears too plain and reveals too much scalp. A faded haircut provides an effective alternative that looks sharp while still fitting with longer locks on top.

To achieve a taper fade, trim the hair around the neckline with clippers or a comb and gradually fade out towards the back of your head from its base. Be sure to include a guide cut so you can avoid accidentally going too far with this process!

The Neckline

Cutting boys’ hair can be easy and much less costly than visiting a salon. You could save up to $250 annually by doing it yourself!

Beginning at the neckline, carefully comb down the hair and follow its natural hairline around the ears and sides. Beware not to cut too short, as this could result in an unattractive Tetris neckline!

Use a trimmer to tidy up his ears and face. After finishing, check in the mirror to ensure his sideburns are even and his neckline and ears look clean.

Once you’re finished with the top, move on to the back. Start at a guard at most number four, which should cover approximately half an inch. Anything higher will miss too many hairs to make it worthwhile! Clean up edges and blend hair seamlessly.