How to Style 16 Inch Hair

If you have 16-inch hair, it is vital to take steps to keep it healthy. This involves using suitable styling products and regularly managing their condition.

Choose a long bob (lob) or divide your hair into a side-part style to highlight specific facial features. Both types are elegant yet versatile, looking gorgeous when accentuated by peekaboo highlights.

Haircuts for 16-Inch Hair

16-inch hair length is an ideal medium length that’s neither too short nor too long, often falling between your shoulders and mid-armpit. When straightened or styled wavy or curly, it typically extends below your collarbone; its popularity among women makes this hair length easy to manage and requires minimal upkeep.

If you want to showcase your natural texture, a side-parted bob is an excellent way to do just that, with layers and soft waves, creating an easygoing style perfect for any special event or social gathering. Plus, this style also highlights your best features like eyes or nose!

Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are an effortless yet low-maintenance style that allows you to try new looks without subjecting your natural strands to excessive heat or damage from styling products while protecting against frictional forces which could otherwise lead to traction alopecia (loss of hair due to frictional forces).

Before installing crochet braids, wash and moisturize your hair thoroughly to reduce dryness, as you’ll likely leave this style for several weeks. You want it to becometo stay manageable!

One significant aspect of this look is that braids can be dyed any color desired, creating an eye-catching style suitable for casual and black tie events.

High Ponytail

A classic ponytail can be worn to almost any event or gathering – it can be styled to look ultra-sleek for formal occasions or casually scrunched with a cute bow for casual outings. Plus, it’s easy to create using just a hair tie! Perfect for women of all textures.

As an easy way to add polish and sophistication to any ponytail, try hiding its elastic ties with a piece of hair from underneath your ponytail and wrapping it around until all links have been completely covered. Grab a half-inch section beneath your ponytail and wrap it until all elastic ties have been hidden.

Use TRESemme Hairspray to achieve an ultra-smooth finish for your ponytail by removing any bumps or uneven areas.

Space Buns

Space buns are a throwback from the 1990s that has recently gained traction at music festivals like Coachella. With just a little practice and practiced finesse, this look can help channel No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani when relaxing in your tent or dancing the night away.

Begin by creating two smooth ponytails on either side of your head – whether high on the crown or close together near the nape of your neck. When you have this under control, consider adding scrunchies for an authentic 90s vibe, and use hairspray with added conditioner to keep them in place if your hair type requires it.

Faux Locs

Faux locs offer an ideal way to experiment with locs without going through the locking process and can also protect natural hair while you sport this stylish trend.

Faux lobs work well with any style or color combination, from low ponytails and updos to adding beads for an eye-catching texture and stylish touch.

Create the look of faux locs using either Kanekalon or Marley’s hair, the latter of which features more natural-looking waves due to its kinky texture. Choose a hue that complements your skin tone to complete the look.

Kinky Twist Out

A kinky twist out is an adorable, feminine protective style suitable for medium-length hair. Featuring loosely-twisted locks for an airy and breezy look that complements half updos or ponytails exceptionally well, kinky twist-outs can easily be customized with various colors or extensions for the perfect finish.

Burgundy hair can add some boldness without the commitment of undergoing a full-color transformation, while blonde locks can brighten up any twisty locks.

Popular choices for creating texture include wavy or curly kinky twists, which offer another great way to imitate natural curls quickly and conveniently.