Different Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

Change up your look or feel daring? Varying the way your hairstyle looks can do wonders to give yourself a new, fresh appearance. Below are a few different hairstyles for a unique, modern style.

Layered cuts for square face shapes

Layered cuts that combine longer face-framing layers with shorter, textured bangs can help flatter square face shapes.

Short hairstyles

No matter your style preference – from blunt cuts to soft silhouettes – there is sure to be an array of short hairstyles perfect for every individual personality. Consider a short bob with side bangs or an easy, straight pixie for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

Short spiky styles

Matte effect products have made short, spiky styles back in fashion with an innovative twist. Use clay or styling paste to create textured spikes for movement and volume.

Retro-inspired mullet

The retro-inspired mullet style has made a comeback among women’s short hairstyles. This feminine crop opens the face and adds volume to thin hair.

Medium Hairstyles

If you want a Goldilocks-esque look, consider medium hairstyles. Ranging from below the neckline to just past the shoulders, this length allows for numerous styling possibilities that suit different face shapes.

Layered styles for thin hair

Thin or fine-textured hair may benefit from a layered style to give them volume and lift. Combine with cool hair colors for added effect.

Long Hairstyles

Long hair gives women plenty of styling options. From straight and wavy styles to curlier looks, long locks complement most color shades well.

Asymmetric cuts

Individuals with longer locks should experiment with asymmetric cuts for added interest and modernity. Asymmetry can also balance out facial features.

Feathered layers

Feathered layers give longer hair an engaging style. This technique involves cutting gradual lengthwise slices for texture and volume.

Curly Hairstyles

Tight corkscrew curls from the 80s have made a comeback and can make for one of the best hairstyles for curly hair.

High half-up hairstyle

Long curly locks look stunning when styled in a high half-up hairstyle. Its versatility allows it to be worn for various occasions.

Curly hair with full bangs

Curly hair pairs nicely with full, blunt bangs to frame the face and give rounder looks more edge.

Straight hairstyles

Straight hair can look sleek and polished. Add playful accents to add visual interest.

Original hairstyles

Try something original like Leslie Grace’s helix braid or Sydney Sweeney’s side bubble braid for a unique twist.

Endless styling possibilities for long, straight hair

Long, straight hair allows infinite styling possibilities, from classic to on-trend contemporary looks.

Straight balayage with dark roots

For an eye-catching style, try sporting straight balayage with dark roots. This popular hair trend creates a lovely gradient effect.