Famous Men’s Short Haircuts

Men have a variety of stylish and practical short haircut options. Here are some popular choices:

High Skin Fade with Length on Top

This haircut features a high-side skin fade with longer hair on top. It can make thin or fine hair appear thicker and is trendy among men who want an upscale look.

Military-Style Cut

This style is reminiscent of army haircuts, with faded sides that blend seamlessly into the scalp. It suits men with thick hair and can help cover scars and bumps. The sleek appearance adds an edgy touch to this military-inspired haircut.

Flat Top with Low Fade

Another military style option is the flat top with a low fade. This haircut is easy to maintain and showcases your natural hairline. It is particularly suitable for men with receding hairlines.

Comb-Over with Fade

A comb-over with a fade combines classic style with a modern twist. It adds depth and dimension to your hair and is suitable for work and casual settings. Styling the front hair into a quiff can add extra visual interest to this versatile cut.

Soft Part

The classic side part is ideal for achieving a polished appearance. It is easy to comb back and requires minimal product. This timeless style is suitable for formal events and casual outings with friends. Requesting a low and medium skin fade on the sides and neckline from your barber can give you a clean and stylish look.

French Crop

The classic French crop haircut is an excellent choice for an elegant, streamlined appearance. It is low maintenance and requires minimal styling effort. Adding clay or wax to your locks can secure the style and shine. This variation of the French crop features a medium fringe and a high fade on the sides, making it suitable for curly or wavy hair types and hiding receding hairlines.


Layers are perfect for adding volume to any haircut. They can help tame curly or wavy hair and reduce weight on thick locks. Rounded layers that frame the face can add structure and movement to a short layered cut. This style works well on all lengths and hair textures, especially thin or delicate hair types. Feathered layers from mid-shaft to ends can create an edgy yet sophisticated look for medium-length hair.

Textured Crop

A textured crop haircut is an option for men looking for something unique and casual. It resembles the French crop but has heavily textured hair on top. This style features shorter sides and back with a fade, taper, or undercut, while the top has longer, textured locks. Full blunt fringes can be spiked up or kept loosely tousled. A lightweight matte clay can add texture and hold the top section in place.