Different Styles For Long hair – The Edgar hair Cut Design


There are many styles for long hair, but a polished Indian bun is perhaps the most famous and sought-after bun for long tresses. Suitable for women with oval face shapes and wavy hair textures, this style is very attractive and will make you look like a diva. This style is very simple, requiring only shoelace knots to be tied around the head. You can wear that in a low ponytail, but it will also give your style a sexy and glamorous look.

If you’ve got long hair and you’d like to add some spice to it, try a new style. A new cut can do wonders for your appearance. A pony cut is adorable, and it’s easier than you might think to achieve. Instead of a messy ponytail, you can wear your locks in a low bun with a twisted bandana to complete the look. This updo is perfect for a day out with friends, and is perfect for everyday wear.