5 Different Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair offers endless styling possibilities; however, its care can take more time and attention than shorter locks. Men can rock long hairstyles in several ways – parting, wearing up, or adding bangs are just three styles that work for any face shape and texture. Here are our favorite looks you should try for men with long locks!

Layering hairstyles for long hair is an elegant way to add movement and volume and make thin locks appear thicker and fuller. Wavy or curly locks lend themselves well to this look, which can easily be styled casually or dressed up. Layered hairstyles that feature long layers starting at the chin can be an effective way to frame the face and add dimension. With long locks, your stylist may be able to extend these layers down. Add texture to your long layered haircut for a stand-out editorial look that stands out. Texturizing spray or leaving your locks naturally wavy are excellent ways of adding depth and romance. This look works exceptionally well on women with naturally straight or fine hair but can work just as effectively on those with more dense locks.

Long hair adds volume and texture while softening sharp features and balancing proportions, softening features like sharp jawlines. There’s an ideal style for every hair texture and facial structure: sleek ponytails, loose waves, or mermaid curls can add volume while softening them and softening sharp features. Whether your locks are thin or thick, straight strands, wavy locks, or tight corkscrew curls exist as options that add volume and dimension. One of the classic long hairstyles for men with symmetrical facial features is a center part, which gives your haircut a polished appearance. Or try rocking a low ponytail for an easy style that looks natural. If you have straight hair, ask your stylist to add layers to prevent it from looking dense and lifeless. A great stylist should be able to cut lengths that flatter both your facial structure and create movement in your mane.

Add bangs for an eye-catching and modern touch by cutting them above your eyebrow. This gives your look an edgy edge and hides any large foreheads while creating an intriguing contrast against any curly or wavy locks you have! If full-on bangs still need to be part of your hairstyle, try invisible face-framing layers instead for added softness and versatility. These are typically lighter than blunt or angled bangs and can be swept either to one side or pulled back behind your ears for easy styling options. Space buns are another classic look that pairs beautifully with bangs for an easy yet feminine and fun casual style, perfect for festivals, summer vacations, and brunch dates with friends. This look works exceptionally well when worn as part of a headpiece!

If you want long locks out of your face but don’t want a full updo for every event, try opting for a half-up/half-down style instead. This look can work exceptionally well for bridesmaids or those with beachy waves who wish to add structure. Tie the front section of your tresses back with a hair tie or bobby pins for an elegant, sleek look, or tuck it into a fishtail braid or topknot for more formal occasions. Add a playful element to your half-up/half-down style with a space bun! This fun hairstyle shows off your personality and is great for sunny afternoons or formal events; dress it up further by embellishing it with flowers for added elegance!

Long braids look incredible on men with thick, voluminous locks. They are an ideal way to flatter a prominent forehead while framing the face nicely – not to mention hiding receding hairlines! Long braids make for an adequate formal or office look, especially when combined with bangs for an eye-catching finish. Cornrows are an inherently protective hairstyle and can be worn by those of any length and style. Common variations include tight and raised coils; more sophisticated looks may use colored extensions for an elegant appearance. French fishtail braids are another fashionable style. A take on traditional fishtail braids, French fishtail braids begin at the nape of the neck and weave new hair strands under existing ones rather than over them – often combined with faux hawks for maximum impact, this look has become popular with celebrities like Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper.