The Best Asian Hairstyles For Men

Asian hairstyles provide an array of styles and cuts that can highlight your best features.

Pixie Cut or Chin-Length Blunt Bob

Try a pixie cut or chin-length blunt bob to keep your locks neat, adding blonde highlights for added allure.

Burst Fades

Burst fades look great on Asian hair, combining short back and sides with longer top length to create attractive proportions. Add an effortless side part for an eye-catching finish, or add a few drops of gel for an edgier edge.

The Mullet

The mullet is an iconic combination of fashion and function, short in the front and long in the back; its short front-to-long back combination creates the ideal blend between form and function. Historians have discovered that our early ancestors favored this look to keep their necks warm and dry during cold climates.

The style was prime in the 1980s when everyone from George Clooney to Metallica frontman James Hetfield sported one. Recently, however, its comeback was spearheaded by celebrities like Joe Keery of Stranger Things and Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage.

Modern-day celebrities such as golfer Rickie Fowler and music stars Rihanna and Zendaya, including athletes like Fowler, continue to adopt it. A layered mullet features face-framing bangs with cascading curls for an effortlessly cool style.

The Curtain

Flowing long locks are a classic Asian hairstyle, helping to slim and lengthen features while looking particularly stunning with soft beach waves and subtle golden brown highlights.

Opting for platinum or gray hair colors – among the trendiest hues in 2023 – can add an extra pop of color and highlight natural dark roots. The textured bowl cut has become an increasingly popular style among Asian men with thick hair.

This stylish cut adds youthful and seductive charm and is easy to maintain thanks to a fade on both the back and sides.

The High and Tight

A classic military-inspired haircut, the high and tight features short sides with a longer top. This style works best on oval, square, and triangle face shapes and can also look fantastic when styled with 5-o’clock shadow, goatee, or clean-shaven looks.

Additionally, its easy maintenance requires only minimal hair products such as clay or pomade to achieve styled results. The high and tight hairstyle is perfect for those with thin locks as it softens the visual impact of thinning hair.

Additionally, its style keeps texture intact – great when worn alongside fades, edge-ups, or spikes for an even bolder look!

The Edgar

This Edgar hairstyle is an easy and stylish way to show your cultural roots while maintaining a contemporary style.

Perfect for men of all ages and can easily be customized according to individual preference – dye your locks a rich chocolate hue to complement dark skin tones! The Edgar is a popular style among Latino Gen Z men and has garnered viral videos on Twitter and TikTok.

This cut features long top hair with no skin-level fade. Complete this look by adding straight face-framing bangs in a natural hue and straight face-framing bangs for added warmth to the complexion; its long strands will beautifully frame your eyes!